Technical details
Soosung Engineering & Dohwa Enginering

From January 2021 to June 2021

Traffic Forecasting / Economic Analysis

The Indonesia government intends to build a new bridge connecting between Batam island and Bintan island that takes into account existing trip using the ferry, and mid- and long-term transportation plans in order to boost development around those areas. For this reason, the government wants to select the optimal route considering the costs and to establish an PPP strategy through a business feasibility review based on a reliable traffic survey, traffic demand forecasting so that this bridge construction project can be implemented as a private investment project.

SYSTRA Korea is providing Design Advisory services to a Korean contractors consortium, and SYSTRA Singapore is engaged to provide services in relation to traffic and economic aspects:

  • To undertake traffic surveys including of the existing ferry services between Batam and Bintan and establish users preferences towards the proposed bridge
  • To forecast the traffic demand to feed into the design requirements for the bridge (including scenarios with or without motorcycle lanes) and into the downstream project financing.
  • To conduct an economic assessment of the bridge project (to provide Economic Rate of Return and NPV).