We grant our clients access to our transportation systems expertise to secure their projects with independent advice, assessment and certification services.


  • We provide Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) services at system-level or subsystem-level to certify on contractor’s and operator’s Safety demonstration and allow to start passenger service.
  • We provide Independent Verification & Validation (IVV) services to help our clients ensure that their expectations in terms of Safety, Reliability & Availability, Technical compliance and Operation & Maintenance readiness are properly addressed throughout all project phases.
  • We rely on our multidisciplinary expertise to provide on-demand and subject-specific audits, investigations, assessment and assist our clients in addressing technical issues arising on their projects.


  • Our System-wide expertise allow us to comprehensively address the rail systems scope and engage with contractors in details.
  • Our worldwide experience and deep knowledge of rail systems functionalities provides tangible and independent references to pinpoint core topics at stake.
  • Our Lead Assessors are duly authorized by relevant safety authorities to sign off certificates.