Technical details
Ultimate Client: The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore / Direct Client: Pricewaterhousecoopers Advisory Services Pte Ltd

From Aug 2016 to Sep 2018

Aviation & Maritime Services / Transport Modelling & Forecasting / Travel Surveys

SYSTRA to undertake a market study of the current and potential ferry demand to and from Singapore and with a focus on the Riau islands of Indonesia, and to provide a demand forecast model which projects the future growth of ferry traffic across SCCPL’s terminals to allow SCCPL to make planning decisions on the terminals’ capacity management.

Services provided:

  • Reviewing and forecasting the domestic ferry service which are offered between changi point ferry terminal  (CPFT) and pulau ubin, as well as between marina south pier (MSP) and the southern islands such as kusu island, pulau hantu, sisters’ island and st john’s island. In addition, domestic launch services for crew, agents, surveyors and other service providers are provided between MSP and/or west coast pier (WCP) and the anchorages within singapore waters.
  • Evaluate and determine the factors contributing to the demand and supply of domestic ferry and launch services within singapore through relevant interviews, surveys  and market research.
  • Forecast the projected demand for domestic passenger throughput and ferry calls at singapore using milestone years of 2020, 2030 and 2040.