25 August 2023
SYSTRA has won contracts for the extension and construction of a new line for the Kaohsiung metro, Taiwan's third most populous city and largest port.

Opened for revenue service in 2008, the Kaohsiung metro is one of the most modern in Asia; currently boasting two cutting-edge metro lines, this system is characterised by its state-of-the-art infrastructure, featuring air-conditioned stations and through the strategic integration of lifts, escalators that provide a comfortable environment for passengers.

Additionally, the network includes a circular Light Rail Transit (LRT) line, meticulously designed to ensure complete accessibility for individuals with reduced mobility and clearly marked walkways. The Kaohsiung metro network continues to expand and has chosen SYSTRA Asia’s expertise to support it.

The Formosa station on the Red Line

Over the next eight years, we will be providing support for the extension of the Yellow and Red lines:

For the Yellow Line, we are participating in the review of the detailed design of E&M systems, rolling stock, Niaosong depot operations, operation and maintenance, as well as Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS) This endeavor is undertaken as a subcontractor collaborating with CECI Engineering Consultants, within the framework of a consultancy and project management assistance (PMC) mission.

This new line will run in a “Y” pattern through the heart of the city, a pivotal addition to the city’s transportation network. In collaboration with CECI, we are resolute in our mission to contribute substantively to the realisation of a modern, efficient, and seamlessly integrated transit solution that will significantly enhance urban mobility and cater to the evolving needs of the city’s inhabitants.

For the Red Line, we have been selected as an IV&V to extend the line to the south as far as the outlying Linyuan area. We are providing our verification and validation services of the overall system, including the track and Civil Work to ensure the safety of future operation, to the local public authority, Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT).

Our involvement signifies a dedicated commitment to ensuring that every facet of this ambitious project aligns seamlessly with the highest standards of technical excellence and operational efficacy.

We are proud to have won these two major contracts for SYSTRA in Taiwan. The development of the Kaohsiung metro was one of the main commercial targets for our team in 2023. We were able to count on the support of all the entities of SYSTRA Asia and the Group to win these contracts, and we are determined to continue our development on the island.

Victoria Chen, Managing Director, SYSTRA Taiwan

A renewed success for SYSTRA in Taiwan

SYSTRA was one of the engineering companies involved in the creation of the Kaohsiung metro, first carrying out a feasibility study and transport plan in the late 1980s, then providing project management assistance from March 2001 to August 2008. We worked with the Taiwanese consultant CECI, assisting the system design management, risk management, interfaces and systems, as well as system design review. Since 2021, we have worked in technical advisory for the creation of the Yellow line.

Did you know?

SYSTRA has been present on the Taiwanese market since the 1980s and has been involved in all the major changes to public transport on the island. Our teams were involved in the creation of the Taipei and Kaohsiung metros, and then supported the design and construction of the high-speed line linking these two megacities. We also took part in setting up the systems for the express link to Taipei Taoyuan international airport.

With a team of 10 employees based in Taipei and Kaohsiung, SYSTRA Taiwan is part of the Asia Business Unit and contributes to numerous regional projects, such as the Jakarta metro. Most recently, in early 2023, our colleagues won a preliminary study for the future Blue Line of the Taichung metro. SYSTRA Taiwan is the only engineering company to have contributed to each of the island’s metros.

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