SYSTRA Hong Kong Won 3 Awards for Chung Chi Student Development Complex, CUHK

SYSTRA Hong Kong was recently awarded 3 awards for The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) presented by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) and Hong Kong Green Building Council.

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SYSTRA Hong Kong, as the Traffic Engineering Consultants, led by Leigh & Orange Limited, was awarded with Merit Award for Hong Kong (Institutional Building) and Finalist in Special Award for (Sustainable Architecture) in HKIA Annual Ball cum Annual Awards Presentation 2023. The project was also awarded with Grand Award for New Buildings Category, Completed Projects – Institutional in 2023 Green Building Award.

The pioneering project, the Redevelopment of Block D & G at Chung Chi Campus of CUHK was built in 1960s. The projects aim to create a new pedestrian-friendly journey with public realm, enhances campus walkability and connectivity, promotes a low-carbon prototype for campus development, and establishes a green lifestyle showcase for the staff and students.

The project is carried out in 2 phases, which consist of 2050 m2 site area. Proposed new building of Upper Block at Block D site provides staff quarters and visitor flats with associated car parking for residence and Lower Block at Block G consists of communal facilities such as offices, music rooms, meeting rooms and roof garden with connection to Upper Block by means of covered footbridge.

SYSTRA Hong Kong provided Traffic Consultancy Services for Redevelopment of Chung Chi Campus, CUHK

SYSTRA Hong Kong provided traffic consulting services for the Redevelopment of Block D & G at Chung Chi Campus, CUHK, which summarised the analysis on the traffic engineering design and assess the potential traffic impact of the proposed development in support of the proposed general building plan.

As the project obtains Provisional Platinum rating in BEAM Plus New Building, SYSTRA Hong Kong also carried out a proposed car parking provision that complies with the requirements stipulated in the general building plan, aiming to provide traffic engineering solutions in requiring disposal of waste and abated environmental nuisance.

Key Scope and Solutions:

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SYSTRA Hong Kong Won Awards from 2023 AIA Honors & Awards for HKUST Guangzhou Campus

2023 The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Hong Kong Honors and Awards Ceremony was held on 4 December 2023. SYSTRA Hong Kong, as the Traffic Engineering Consultants, led by the Architect, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, was awarded with Merit Award for Architecture and Merit Award for Urban Design.

Photo source: KPF

The award-winning project, the 1.1-sq-km Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Guangzhou Campus, was opened in September 2022. The project is located in Nansha Area, south of Guangzhou and adjacent to the Qingsheng station on the high-speed Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link.

The campus is developed into two phases, which consists of a total GFA of 1,082,000 m2 to accommodate more than 10,000 students and faculty with full range of facilities, including lecture theatre, classroom, laboratory, library, sports, hostel, green area & amenities.

SYSTRA Hong Kong provided Traffic Consultancy Services for HKUST Guangzhou Campus

SYSTRA Hong Kong provided traffic consulting services for the HKUST Guangzhou Campus from Master Planning Stage to Preliminary Design Stage, aiming to enhancing overall traffic and transport connectivity, providing people-oriented and efficient traffic infrastructure within the campus.

As the campus features carbon neutrality, SYSTRA Hong Kong also carried out a feasibility study on innovative traffic strategy such as car free zone and emission free autonomous network, aiming to provide traffic engineering solutions in a smart, sustainable way.

Key Scope and Solutions:

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SYSTRA inaugurates its new headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

SYSTRA’s new offices, located in the Olaya district of Riyadh, complement the Group’s four other addresses in the country. They will enable SYSTRA to extend its regional reach and contribute to several large-scale projects, linked to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programme.

Strengthening service capacity in the region

SYSTRA, which currently employs over 400 people in Saudi Arabia, is already involved in numerous projects across the country, and has committed to growing its portfolio of projects to support the Kingdom’s ambitions, particularly through the development of urban infrastructure, public transport networks, and sustainable buildings.

With its experience in mobility in complex urban contexts, SYSTRA has been present in Saudi Arabia for over 20 years and will continue to shape the Kingdom’s future with its stakeholders. We currently employ over 400 people in Saudi Arabia and are committed to recruiting and training highly qualified local staff. The inauguration of the Riyadh office strengthens our service capacity in the region and symbolises the importance of this country and this area for SYSTRA’s growth.

Pierre Verzat, CEO of SYSTRA

SYSTRA Arabia is putting its global expertise at the service of the Kingdom, by offering innovative and sustainable solutions during this exciting period of transformation, and have strengthened the local operation to support the country in achieving its Vision 2030 objectives. We are ramping up to be the benchmark in the fields of mobility and railways, infrastructure and environment, and property and buildings.

Belal Deiranieh, CEO of SYSTRA Arabia

A leading player in Saudi Arabia

Present in the country since 2003, the French group is supporting the Kingdom’s development with the creation of transport networks throughout the country, particularly in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Ula, Tabuk Province, Medina, and Mecca.

Having been involved in major metro, freight rail, high-speed, tramway, and large-scale infrastructure projects, SYSTRA is currently involved in a number of signature projects in the Kingdom, including Riyadh Metro, NEOM, Qiddiya, King Abdallah Financial District, Al Ula Experimental Tramway, Mashaaer Metro, and has multiple projects currently underway with Saudi Arabia Railways.

SYSTRA to redevelop India’s largest railway station

The Chhatrapati Shivaji station has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. Formerly known as Victoria Terminus, it was named after the Indian warlord Chhatrapati Shivaji at the end of the 20th century. Located in the heart of Mumbai, it is the terminus of many mainline and commuter trains, and is home to the headquarters of Central Railway, one of Indian Railways’ 19 regional divisions.

In a consortium with British engineering firm Mace, SYSTRA India will be working on a PMC contract involving project management and redevelopment of the station on behalf of the Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA). The aim is to preserve the station’s heritage while modernising it to make it a multimodal hub.

The station will be transformed, notably through the creation of new spaces on its roof, several catering areas, a new waiting room and a shopping arcade, while continuing to welcome thousands of passengers every day. SYSTRA and Mace will be responsible for the overall management of the project, starting with the design studies, followed by supervision of site operations, with particular attention paid to quality, safety, and interface management, right through to delivery of the project to RLDA.

The CSMT station is a historic railway terminus and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, to which the local people are very attached. It is therefore a real honour for us to be involved in this project. The redevelopment of the station will improve public facilities and the range of services on offer, positioning Chhatrapati Shivaji among the most modern stations in the world.

Hari Somalraju, Managing Director, SYSTRA India

Already involved in numerous metro projects in Mumbai, as well as the coastal road project, SYSTRA India is adding to its presence in the Indian economic capital with the modernisation of this station, which serves two major intercity lines to Solapur and Sainagar Shirdi, as well as a large number of suburban lines, some of which have been automated with SYSTRA since 2020.

The station from the outside
The station interior

A station that symbolises Mumbai

As well as being one of India’s largest railway stations and its oldest terminal, Chhatrapati Shivaji is a landmark of Mumbai. The ten years it took to build from 1878 to 1888 was a record length of time.

Its cathedral-like appearance, with stained-glass windows depicting locomotives, made it an emblem not only of the country’s economic capital, but also of the meeting of Indian and British cultures: the architects called on local craftsmen to incorporate local aesthetic traditions, with a view to the building being the precursor of a new style, specific to Mumbai, hence the choice of a stone dome, turrets and pointed arches reminiscent of traditional Indian palace plans. What’s more, the entrance doors are surmounted by a lion and a tiger, the former representing the United Kingdom and the latter India.

The station is also famous for being featured in the final scene of the film Slumdog Millionaire and for hosting the filming of its soundtrack, Jai Ho! (You are my destiny), composed by A. R. Rahman and the band Pussycat Dolls in 2009.

SYSTRA goes the extra mile for the Hanoi metro

SYSTRA’s work on line 3 of the Hanoi metro continues: our teams have just signed a four-year extension to our role as Project Implementation Consultant in order to supervise and certify all the activities of the various companies involved in the project, both civil engineering and systems.

We can now look forward with confidence to completing this project, which will employ almost a hundred people on-site over the next few years.

Frédéric Dufour, Asia Business Unit Director

One of SYSTRA’s most comprehensive metro assignments

Since it was launched in 2007, the Hanoi line 3 project has represented a challenge for SYSTRA: it is the largest scope of work ever obtained by the Group on its own, without any co-contractor or consortium partner. We are responsible for all areas, from preliminary studies to commissioning, including the design of stations and tunnels, the preparation of calls for tender, the analysis of bids and approval of dossiers, the review and testing of all systems including rolling stock, operating certification and the training of operating staff as Shadow operators.

As a project office, the SYSTRA team is made up of engineers specialising in civil engineering and systems, inspectors, topographers, experts in safety, quality and materials approval, accountants, financial and document controllers, as well as around fifteen trainers in charge of the Shadow Operator activity. In total, up to 80 local and expatriate Group employees are working on the Hanoi metro every day.

Alain Béchereau, Hanoi Metro Project Director
Line 3 of the Hanoi metro in test phase. Viaducts and tunnels, stations, systems and rolling stock, SYSTRA is present throughout the project

Towards commissioning

Line 3 of the Hanoi metro will bring public transport closer to more than 20% of the population and link 6 of the city’s districts. This will be a real revolution for this metropolis, where demand for mobility infrastructure is high.

Line 3 has a multi-faceted profile, with an underground section leaving Hanoi station, and an overhead viaduct section. The latter will be brought into service in mid-2024, after all Hanoi metro operating staff have been trained. At the same time, underground work will continue, with digging of the tunnels starting at the end of 2023, with a view to completion and equipping them with civil engineering and systems by 2027.

Installation of the tunnel boring machine to be launched end of 2023/ beginning of 2024

Did you know?

The trains on line 3 are coloured red and yellow, in reference to the dragon fruit called ‘thanh long’ of which Vietnam is Asia’s leading producer as well as the world’s leading exporter.

Key features – Line 3 of the Hanoi metro

  • 12.5km of new line
  • 8.5km of elevated section
  • 4km underground
  • 12 stations
  • Nickname: Temple of Literature line
  • Maximum speed: 80km/h
  • Supply by third rail at 750 volts
  • 6 major districts served
  • 20% of Hanoi’s residents close to the line
  • SYSTRA assignment: 2007 – 2027

Header photo credit: Colas Rail

SYSTRA wins two major projects for a metro in Taiwan

Opened for revenue service in 2008, the Kaohsiung metro is one of the most modern in Asia; currently boasting two cutting-edge metro lines, this system is characterised by its state-of-the-art infrastructure, featuring air-conditioned stations and through the strategic integration of lifts, escalators that provide a comfortable environment for passengers.

Additionally, the network includes a circular Light Rail Transit (LRT) line, meticulously designed to ensure complete accessibility for individuals with reduced mobility and clearly marked walkways. The Kaohsiung metro network continues to expand and has chosen SYSTRA Asia’s expertise to support it.

The Formosa station on the Red Line

Over the next eight years, we will be providing support for the extension of the Yellow and Red lines:

For the Yellow Line, we are participating in the review of the detailed design of E&M systems, rolling stock, Niaosong depot operations, operation and maintenance, as well as Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS) This endeavor is undertaken as a subcontractor collaborating with CECI Engineering Consultants, within the framework of a consultancy and project management assistance (PMC) mission.

This new line will run in a “Y” pattern through the heart of the city, a pivotal addition to the city’s transportation network. In collaboration with CECI, we are resolute in our mission to contribute substantively to the realisation of a modern, efficient, and seamlessly integrated transit solution that will significantly enhance urban mobility and cater to the evolving needs of the city’s inhabitants.

For the Red Line, we have been selected as an IV&V to extend the line to the south as far as the outlying Linyuan area. We are providing our verification and validation services of the overall system, including the track and Civil Work to ensure the safety of future operation, to the local public authority, Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT).

Our involvement signifies a dedicated commitment to ensuring that every facet of this ambitious project aligns seamlessly with the highest standards of technical excellence and operational efficacy.

We are proud to have won these two major contracts for SYSTRA in Taiwan. The development of the Kaohsiung metro was one of the main commercial targets for our team in 2023. We were able to count on the support of all the entities of SYSTRA Asia and the Group to win these contracts, and we are determined to continue our development on the island.

Victoria Chen, Managing Director, SYSTRA Taiwan

A renewed success for SYSTRA in Taiwan

SYSTRA was one of the engineering companies involved in the creation of the Kaohsiung metro, first carrying out a feasibility study and transport plan in the late 1980s, then providing project management assistance from March 2001 to August 2008. We worked with the Taiwanese consultant CECI, assisting the system design management, risk management, interfaces and systems, as well as system design review. Since 2021, we have worked in technical advisory for the creation of the Yellow line.

Did you know?

SYSTRA has been present on the Taiwanese market since the 1980s and has been involved in all the major changes to public transport on the island. Our teams were involved in the creation of the Taipei and Kaohsiung metros, and then supported the design and construction of the high-speed line linking these two megacities. We also took part in setting up the systems for the express link to Taipei Taoyuan international airport.

With a team of 10 employees based in Taipei and Kaohsiung, SYSTRA Taiwan is part of the Asia Business Unit and contributes to numerous regional projects, such as the Jakarta metro. Most recently, in early 2023, our colleagues won a preliminary study for the future Blue Line of the Taichung metro. SYSTRA Taiwan is the only engineering company to have contributed to each of the island’s metros.

ENR 2023: further progress for SYSTRA

SYSTRA has once again risen in the ENR rankings, both in the transportation engineering category and in terms of international turnover in 2022.

SYSTRA continues to grow in its benchmark category

In the Transportation ranking, which brings together the 2022 sales figures of the ten largest engineering companies in the mobility sector, we have moved up one place to 8th position, after already having moved up one place last year. We are the first French engineering company in this ranking.

In the Top 225 International Design Firms, which includes companies’ international turnover (generated outside France for SYSTRA), the Group moved up one place to 24th, after winning 4 places last year, which anchors us in the Top 25.

These two rises confirm the effectiveness of our strategy of excellence in the transport sector and our focus on the most attractive countries.

Moreover, we also moved up 2 places in the rankings based on the total sales (including France) to 45th place, confirming our place among the world’s Top 50 engineering companies.

The rankings for the Mass Transit & Rail and Bridges categories will be announced in December when the Global Sourcebook is published.

After a record year in 2022 for SYSTRA, our Group’s performance has been confirmed by this ENR ranking, which is a benchmark in the sector. This new rise confirms the relevance of our strategy of focusing on the transport engineering market in the most dynamic countries, where we are pursuing our organic growth as well as making targeted acquisitions.

Pierre Verzat, Chief Executive Officer

Find out more on Engineering News-Record ranking on their website.

SYSTRA publishes its Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability is now an integral part of Group’s Operations, and is a pillar of SYSTRA’s growth and a guarantee of its performance. Among the many initiatives undertaken this year within the Group, we have made the reduction of environmental impact in our client projects and our practices a key axis.

The Report highlights the launch of the Climate Trajectory, which covers both our operations, with the implementation of our Sustainable Design and Construction Framework, and our sites, with the measurement of our carbon emissions around the world.

Another major step forward is the Group’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Charter, which will be the basis for our future actions in this area and demonstrates our commitment to our employees on these subjects.

The Sustainability Report also looks at the strengthening of our service offering in the face of the energy transition challenge, thanks to our expertise in transport systems, our knowledge of the challenges of the energy sector and our ability to respond to these challenges.

Our expertise in transport systems, our knowledge of local issues and our simulation tools have enabled us to strengthen our service offering in the face of the energy transition.

Sustainability at SYSTRA is no longer just an ambition: it has become a reality. And we have the resources and solutions to have a positive impact on the projects we implement to continue to make the difference.

Christelle Chichignoud, Sustainability Director

2022 Sustainability Report

Find out how SYSTRA makes a difference, and our vision of sustainability:

SYSTRA awarded two Asset Management contracts in Hong Kong

We were first selected for a contract as part of a consortium with the asset management specialist Assetman, to carry out a complete audit of the condition of Hong Kong’s railway network, focusing on operating methods and the asset management process. The audit should last six months after which the final report will be presented to the Hong Kong government.

MTR wants to ensure the quality of its service, including 99.9% on-time performance, while meeting international standards and adopting industry best practice. We will support them by providing benchmarking studies and our extensive knowledge of mass transit networks around the world, as well as offering recommendations to strengthen their maintenance and risk management procedures.

Patrick Desforges, Business Development Director, SYSTRA Asia Business Unit

A second, bigger contract

The second contract focuses on operational maintenance and this time SYSTRA is the sole contractor. We will be using our local teams in Asia and SYSTRA France’s Systems teams to do a complete analysis of the track equipment and network infrastructure.

Trains crossing at a station

Innovation at the forefront

We will carry out site visits and provide an innovation component with an ad-hoc solution which will study the potential for new technologies, in particular in the fields of modelling and the effective use of data.

Key facts – Hong Kong MTR network

  • 278.3km of lines, including 235.2km of metro
  • 98 metro stations, 68 tram stations, 32 KCR train stations
  • 1,688.1 million passengers in 2019
  • 9 metro lines + 1 express line to the international airport
  • 4 KCR rail lines (ex-Kowloon-Canton R)
  • 12 tramway LRT lines
  • The LGV Shenzhen – Hong Kong section

To find out more, consult the brochure dedicated to Asset Management, published with Usbek & Rica.

MVA’s Significant Project Tai Kwun – The Centre for Heritage and Arts, Wins Multiple Awards

Tai Kwun – The Centre for Heritage and Arts, has again been given two prestigious awards – the RIBA International Awards for Excellence 2021 and the Quality Building Award 2020.

Tai Kwun (meaning ‘Big Station’) is the Centre for Heritage and Arts in Hong Kong, formerly known as the Central Police Station in the colonial era. The renovation and revitalisation project began in 2008, took twelve years of making.


The RIBA International Awards for Excellence is globally recognised and awards buildings that change the world. In 2021, there were 16 remarkable projects which won the Prize, ranged from 11 countries. Tai Kwun, is the only winning structure from Hong Kong. The award was presented in July 2021.

The Quality Building Award (QBA), an award co-organised by nine leading professional institutions of the property sector in Hong Kong, recognised Tai Kwun – The Centre for Heritage and Arts with Grand Award in the Hong Kong building (Renovation / Revitalisation) Category.

SYSTRA MVA as the Lead Traffic Consultant

SYSTRA MVA provided professional traffic engineering and transport planning consultancy services for the conceptual design stage and construction for Tai Kwun. The revitalisation project has been recognised by several international and local awards in which MVA contributed since 2008, led by local and international Architects and conservation architects.

The historical site is the only winning structure from Hong Kong in the RIBA recognition, and it also won the Grand Price – Hong Kong Building (Renovation/ Revitalisation) category in the latest QBA.

Key Solutions:

Photo source: RIBA © Edmond Leong