Technical details
MTA Construction & Development
Bronx, NY
Construction management

SYSTRA partnered with the New York MTA in making Bedford Park Blvd Station in the Bronx, NY, accessible. As the consultant construction manager (CCM), SYSTRA oversaw the construction of three new elevators at the station. Construction took place near train, street, and pedestrian traffic; therefore, close coordination with agency stakeholders and the community and extensive safety measures were integral to this work.

Bedford Park Boulevard Station is a key entry point into NYCT’s subway system for the Bedford Park neighborhood. Opened in 1933, the station was constructed before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed, so the station did not accommodate persons with disabilities.

The work involved installation of three new elevators to provide ADA accessibility to the mezzanine from street level, and both platforms from the mezzanine. Other work included installation of ADA-compliant metal treads and handrails for all stairways and new ADA access/boarding areas, as well as new detection rails and running boards along both platforms. New ADA signage, curbs, and sidewalks were also installed.