Technical details
New York City Transit
Brooklyn, NY
Consultant construction management

SYSTRA partnered with the New York MTA in making Greenpoint Avenue Station in Brooklyn, NY, fully accessible. As the consultant construction manager, SYSTRA oversaw the construction of three new elevators and other infrastructure upgrades. Construction took place near rail, street, and pedestrian traffic, so close coordination with agency stakeholders and the community was required and safety was integral to this project.

Greenpoint Avenue Station is the sole provider of subway services to the Greenpoint, Brooklyn, neighborhood. Like much of NYCT’s subway system, the station was constructed long before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed, so it did not provide adequate accommodations to individuals with disabilities. This station was part of a mandate to upgrade 100 key stations to full ADA compliance.

The station now features fully compliant stairwells, a new ADA platform boarding area, improved communications systems and electrical equipment, new sidewalk pedestrian ramps, and an improved station agent booth that is at the height of a wheelchair user.