Technical details
New York City Housing Authority
New York, NY

New York State’s Heat Pump Program (“NYS Clean Heat Program”) is to facilitate a transition from fossil-fuel heating, achieve statewide heat-pump goals and build a low-carbon market infrastructure, and build market capacity to deliver building-electrification solutions. SYSTRA A&E is providing consulting services for the analysis and summary of how local building construction, environmental, and fire codes may impact the planned adoption of this program.

The team is reviewing relevant local New York City codes, including the latest NYC DOB Construction Code, electrical, energy conservation, and fire codes, and any others that are relevant for the incorporation of new cold climate rated, packaged heat pumps installed through existing windows, plug into a standard 3-prong 120V outlet, and operate with comparable COPs of existing split systems. Units will serve as the primary source of heating and cooling for the apartments. Heat pump installation will also prompt the replacement of windows that are over 20 years old with new high-performance windows.