Technical details
Metro-North Railroad
Babylon, NY
Signal system design

SYSTRA is a member of the design-build team for this project to replace and upgrade the aging signal equipment in Babylon Interlocking, which is located on the Montauk Branch and comprised of five locations.

As a subconsultant to the lead designer, SYSTRA is reviewing the signaling design that is being prepared by the contractor’s signal supplier.

The work is divided into two design packages: civil design and signal design. SYSTRA will be involved in every facet of the design, including testing and simulations leading to a final design, and will be the Engineer of Record for the signaling system.

Most of the interlocking’s signal system components were installed in the 1960s and have reached or exceeded their useful life. The cost of signal maintenance is increasing, and train service is disrupted regularly because of signal equipment failures.

The upgraded signal system will improve service reliability by reducing equipment failures thus support LIRR’s on-time performance and safety goals.