Technical details
Northeast Corridor
Communications, security

SYSTRA developed specifications for implementing secure wireless networking and key management for Amtrak’s ACSES Positive Train Control (PTC) system.

This work enables PTC messages to be sent securely across land-line and wireless links in the PTC network using cryptographic message integrity and authentication, as required by Federal law. The design and implementation ensures interoperability among Amtrak and other operators throughout the Northeast Corridor.

SYSTRA was the consultant for Phase 1 of this effort, providing functional analysis, investigation, evaluation of applicable techniques, issues, and options that supported the detailed specifications developed by SYSTRA.

SYSTRA developed the implementation plan that guided Amtrak’s efforts and contractors in Phase 2: final software and hardware design for implementation and integration and Phase 3: testing and commissioning of the overall program.

Amtrak relied on SYSTRA’s technical experts with profound knowledge of and experience with ACSES, enhanced by international expertise in secure communications and key management technologies. SYSTRA’s ability to assemble a highly-skilled technical team quickly, executing multiple complex technical efforts in parallel, made it possible to meet aggressive schedule needs.