06 October 2022
SYSTRA has reinforced its reputation in the signal sector and added to our growing design-build references with the award of a significant contract in the US.
Babylon, New York, USA - 14 August 2018: A lirr train is arriving at the Babylon train station to pick up passengers heading west to Penn Station.

Our US teams will replace and upgrade the aging equipment of the Babylon Interlocking Signal System, comprising five locations, on a branch of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), a commuter rail system in the southeastern part of New York state.

A broad scope of responsibilities

The work is being performed via a design-build contract and is divided into civil design and signal design. The signal design package is being prepared by the contractor’s signal supplier. As a subconsultant to the lead designer, Dewberry, SYSTRA is reviewing and will be the Engineer of Record for the signaling system. We will be involved in every facet of the design, including testing and simulations leading to the final design.

With this latest contract we have proved once again that our experience and expertise are very much in demand for this type of project. I am delighted to be playing a significant part in this assignment and I look forward to its successful completion.

Michael Natenzon, Senior Vice President – Electrical/TP Sector Lead

SYSTRA and the LIRR: a successful record of collaboration

Launched in early 2018, the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) Expansion Project is focused on modernizing the rail road’s central artery, adding a third track along this heavily trafficked segment. As an important member of the team providing project management oversight of the design-build contractor, SYSTRA is overseeing the work involving signals and communications systems, stations, and parking facilities, as well as infrastructure such as bridge widening and utility relocations. We have also been working on one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the US, East Side Access, since 1998 with various assignments, including the most recent work involving catenary design and the day-to-day breakdown and start-up of five new interlockings.

Our teams are proud to have been awarded more work on the LIRR, the busiest suburban rail line in the country, and I am confident that we will provide the necessary expertise to enable the project to progress and be completed on time.

Dave Male – Chief Signal Engineer

Improving performance and safety

Most of the signal system components were installed in the 1960s and have reached or exceeded their useful life. The cost of signal maintenance is increasing, and train service is disrupted regularly because of signal equipment failures. The upgraded signal system will improve service reliability by reducing equipment failures thus supporting LIRR’s on-time performance and safety goals.

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