22 May 2019
A Talgo-SYSTRA partnership will rebuild 121 rail cars for the Southern California Regional Rail Authority.

The Board of Directors for Metrolink (Southern California Regional Rail Authority) has awarded a Talgo-SYSTRA joint venture a contract to Rebuild 121 Bombardier Rail Cars operated by Metrolink, for a total value of US$138.9 million. The base order is for 50 cars, with an option of up to 71 additional cars.

The Talgo-SYSTRA teams will work to improve the reliability and appearance of the existing fleet, while complying with current standards and regulations, for the benefit and comfort of the passengers. All the components of the cars will be renovated and modernised: the control voltage and battery system, lighting, passenger communication system, heating system, ventilation and air-conditioning, door operators and controls, repainting the exterior, seat cushions, floor coverings, and so on.

Overhaul work will be carried out at Talgo’s facilities in Milwaukee. The entire base order is expected to be delivered in April 2023.
Projects currently underway in North America include the refurbishment of the GoldLeaf car fleet for Rocky Mountaineer (Canada), the management of the implementation of CBTC* for New York City Transit Authority (USA) and the procurement of a new fleet for VIA Rail (Canada).
This new contract reinforces SYSTRA’s west coast footprint, but most importantly is a strong win for our rolling stock refurbishing service line as a turnkey solution.

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*Communications-Based Train Control, the main signalling technology for automatic metros.

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