Technical details
PT Sumber Mitra Jaya

Dec 2018 to April 2019

PT Perentjana Djaja
Highways & Roads Planning​ / Transport Modelling & Forecasting​

The Semarang Harbour Toll Road is a private initiative project, that includes the construction of a new tolled bypass of the city in the north. The bypass will be 21.5 km long along the coast, divided in two sections: The first section of 13.5 km will be 2×2 lanes expected to be widened to 2×3 lanes, while the second part will be an 8 km, elevated section, with 3 lanes per direction.

The proposed Harbour Toll Road will provide a seamless connection from the soon-to-open Semarang-Batang Toll Road, linking to Kendal industrial estate, Semarang Airport and Semarang Port As well as serving as an urban ring road and connecting the above development, the road is expected to carry east-west traffic across the city.

SYSTRA has been contracted by the Project Sponsor to produce Traffic and Revenue forecast for the concerned toll road as well as establishing the Economic feasibility analysis based on vehicle operating cost and time savings. ​