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Jan 2019 to Feb 2020

Highways & Roads Planning​ / Transport Modelling & Forecasting​

Pemalang Batang Toll Road (PBTR) is a 39.2 km toll road which is part of Trans Java Expressway extending from west and east of Java island.PBTR is situated in between two toll sections, namely Pejagan-Pemalang and Semarang-Batang toll road. It commenced its full operation in end of 2018 together with some other TJE sections and started charging full toll rate in end of January. The forecast is done up to year 2065, covering whole concession period of about 45 years up to year 2063.

The proposed Harbour Toll Road will provide a seamless connection from the soon-to-open Semarang-Batang Toll Road, linking to Kendal industrial estate, Semarang Airport and Semarang Port As well as serving as an urban ring road and connecting the above development, the road is expected to carry east-west traffic across the city.

SYSTRA has been commissioned as the transport consultant to undertake a traffic and revenue forecasting study for PBTR to the end of concession period in 2063, equivalent to 45 years of concession period. The study is based on the SYSTRA model for island-wide scope, traffic pattern and growth within study area for recent years and socio-economic factors of central Java. ​