Technical details
ALI ETON Property Development Corporation

November 2016 – February 2019

Basic Design, Conceptual Design, Detail Design
Quezon City, Philippines

ALI ETON Property Development Corporation, a joint venture created by Ayala Land and ETON, has launched a commercial and residential development program in Quezon & Pasig city. The project included a bridge over the Marikina River to link the commercial mall and the residential area.

It is a 110m multi-span, asymmeytric arch bridge that has been called Mango Bridge.

Characteristics of the bridge:

  • Asymmetric diagonal arch
  • 3 spans: 22.5m + 65m + 22.5m
  • 2 piers in the Marikina River
  • Steel box girder
  • One traffic lane in each direction

The approver of the project is the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) of the Philippines

SYSTRA has been appointed by ALI ETON to prepare the concept design and detailed design of Mango Bridge.

The scope of work for SYSTRA on Mango Bridge included:

  • Concept design
    • Preparation of 3 concepts (cable stayed bridge, conventional girder bridge, arch bridge)
  • Detailed design
    • Geotechnical design: campaign specification, analysis of results, foundation geotechnical design
    • Structural design: substructures, deck, arch, and cable design

Initially, the bridge was supposed to be a single span bridge. The concept design has been prepared considering this assumption. After presentation of the concepts, ALI ETON selected a structural arch bridge. During the selection of the concept design, ALI ETON got confirmation from the DPWH that is was possible to design the bridge with intermediate piers in the river. Therefore, ALI ETON issued a change order to SYSTRA to ask for a revision of the concept design, with two intermediate piers.