Technical details
BGL – Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit Co. Ltd


Project Management, Interface Management, System Engineering, CW Design, Test & Commissioning Assistance, Operation & Maintenance Preparation

The automatic metro line (LRT) connecting Busan to Gimhae via Busan airport has been constructed under the Korean Act governing private public partnerships in infrastructure projects.

The project is implemented under a BOT contract. The Implementation Agreement was signed on 13 December 2002 between the Korean authorities and the concessionnaire, Busan – Gimhae Light Rail Transit (BGL). CAPEX: € 700 millions (estimated). 

Main features of the line:

  • 23 km entirely elevated line (viaduct), standard gauge
  • 21 stations and 1 depot
  • CBTC GoA4 (UTO)
  • 28 m long trainsets (2 coaches on 3 bogies) without driver.

Under the construction contract, within the Construction Joint Venture involving HDC, POSCO and SYSTRA:

  • design of the viaduct superstructures (23 km) and review of the design (substructure and stations) produced by our Korean partner Dong – Il,
  • management of the interfaces between civil engineering and systems,
  • assistance with testing and commissioning.

Under a direct project management contract with BGL, the concessionnaire:

  • Planning,
  • Documentation management,
  • Reporting.

SYSTRA was also in charge of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Consulting Services. The line is constructed under the Korean Act governing private public partnerships in infrastructure projects, under BOT scheme.

In the frame of O&M contract signed on January 24, 2011, SYSTRA provided the following services:

  • Preparation of request for bid proposal
  • Assessment on bid proposal
  • Negotiation
  • Coordination between our consulting team of O&M preparation and O&M company (Seoul Metro Consortium, Operation company of BGLRT Line)
  • Support to the operator for System Safety.
  • Technical support to the operator during the trial run period, system supplied by Thales.
  • Preparation of guidelines for all the technical management plans such as System Assurance, T&C, Interface, and so on.