Structural Engineer

At SYSTRA Korea, a Structural Engineer can grow and develop technical skills in several aspects of transportation infrastructure and complex bridge projects.

Our  structural engineers typically carry out;

  • Structural modelling and analysis on our projects, under the leadership of a Production Team Leader, a Project Manager, and our Technical Director  
  • Technical analysis
  • Drawings and model review
  • Value engineering
  • Preparation of reports
  • Calculations notes
  • Coordination with geotechnical engineers for substructure design works
  • Preparation of drawings or model inputs for our BIM team.

From tender design to independent checking, a Structural Engineer at SYSTRA Korea will be working in a fast paced environment, with access and training to state-of-the-art structural analysis software, adding an exposure to international standards, best practices and innovations.

Finally, our Structural Engineers will enjoy being a part of the SYSTRA group Bridge community, sharing knowledge, findings and experience with international colleagues.

Geotechnical Engineer

A Geotechnical Engineer in SYSTRA Korea will have the chance to work on every aspect of geotechnical engineering for transportation infrastructure, as a member of our dedicated geotechnical team.

Works of our geotechnical engineers typically include:

  • Preparation and follow-up of geotechnical campaigns
  • Study of survey results and findings
  • Foundation/geotechnical/civil work design based on international standards and project requirements
  • Preparation of repots (GIR, calculation notes…)
  • Technical coordination with other SYSTRA Korea engineers and other entities on multisite production projects.

SYSTRA Korea provides access to state-of-the-art software and tools, and access to SYSTRA group technical communities, including company-wide groups for Soil/structure interaction and tunnelling works.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Modeller/Drafter

At SYSTRA Korea, a BIM Modeller/Drafter will:

  • Operate CAD and BIM programmes to produce drawings (including concrete outlines, reinforcement drawings… ), information models (at different Level of Development  – LOD)
  • Calculate the main quantities for the projects, in line with project requirements

The BIM modeller will have the chance to put in practice skills with the most up to date BIM technology, processes and software. The role includes key interactions with Structural and Geotechnical Engineers, and BIM coordinators and Managers.

SYSTRA Korea has a dedicated BIM team, steering and managing the individual development of each member, and aiming at staying up to date in latest BIM innovations worldwide, to provide the best production on our projects.

Project Manager (PM)

At SYSTRA Korea, an experienced Engineer who has proven high professionalism and technical skills can evolve as a Project Manager.  

Our Project Managers lead our projects from start to completion.

Their role includes:

  • Production and workload management at project level
  • Progress monitoring (physical, financial…)
  • Management of Client relationship (internally within SYSTRA group or externally)
  • Preparation of lessons learned report at project completion, to guarantee continuous improvement at company level
  • Mentoring our staff and aiming for the successful completion of our projects, up to the Client’s satisfaction

Several project management tools are available to our Project Managers, including interactive dashboards and project follow up templates. Our Project Managers are directly reporting to SYSTRA Korea Management and manage production teams which can be involve engineers from around the globe.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Manager

During the last ten years, our Industry has seen a new revolution in the way we handle information on our projects. SYSTRA Korea, and the SYSTRA group in general, are embracing this trend. We are now proud to have full time BIM Managers in our organisation, and several iconic references of BIM enabled projects.

A BIM Manager will typically ensure the implementation of BIM processes within SYSTRA Korea and projects and will act as the key interface between the technical and project management worlds on our projects.

As members of our BIM team, our BIM Managers are also responsible for keeping an eye on the current situation and trends in the industry and its technology, to propose further development for the company, in close cooperation with the SYSTRA Group Technical Network for BIM and Information Management.

Project Management Officer (PMO)

As projects can be complex, our Project Managers may require support to ensure an efficient Management of all aspects of project development. A PMO will typically assist in administrative and operational aspects, and be dedicated to the follow up of specific projects.

The role of our PMOs is to ensure smooth operation of all projects from start to finish, by ensuring the documentation and records are up to date, project/company processes are respected, and follow the physical/financial progress.

Our PMOs have the opportunity to have an overall picture of all the company projects, and to be involved in operational activities such as workload management and reporting.