Technical details

2021 – Ongoing

Detailed design
Saudi Arabia
Lavigne & Cheron (architectural design), Khatib & Alami (land impact and environmental impact studies, topographical and traffic surveys).
Data collection, analysis and review of existing studies, elaboration of a benchmark of similar international projects, traffic studies, conceptual analysis.

SYSTRA Arabia is accompanying the ‘Northern Obhur Road’ project in Jeddah, whose road bridge over the Obhur Creek, with 8 traffic lanes and two metro lanes, will be the flagship structure. The construction of this new bridge is part of the expansion of Jeddah, the economic capital of the Kingdom, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia with 4.3 million inhabitants, and the gateway to the holy cities of Medina and Mecca for the pilgrims.

The first phase of this project involves a feasibility study including the development of five alignment options for the insertion of the road corridor and the crossing of Obhur Creek as well as traffic studies with the elaboration of a traffic model aligned with that of the city.

The phase includes a multi-criteria analysis taking into account the aspect of innovative solutions, technical difficulties, socio-economic impact, impact on traffic and financing of the project making it possible to decide on an option to be developed for the following phases.