Technical details
NEOM Mobility

2021 – Ongoing

Feasibility study, Technology benchmark, and pre-design references
Saudi Arabia
Egis, Siemens (feasibility analyses and preliminary design studies), Serco, Arup (independent certification of our studies)
System Technology Recommendations, Network Modelling and simulations analysis, Pre-Concept Design of network infrastructure and Systems,Technologies benchmark, Collaboration Programme and Technical Visits

SYSTRA is working to create the integrated rail transport system for NEOM, the future city in the north-east of Saudi Arabia.

A city of the future

On the borders of the province of Tabuk and the Gulf of Aqaba, on the shores of the Red Sea, NEOM, a cross between New (Neo) and Future (Mostaqbal in Arabic), is being created. These four letters stand for Saudi Arabia’s ambition to build a sustainable, ultra-connected and self-sufficient region, covering an area of about 26,500 km².

SYSTRA is leading an international consortium which covers the feasibility study, Technology benchmark, and pre-design references of an integrated regional and urban rail network to serve the first three urban regions to emerge: The Line, NEOM Mountain, and NEOM Industrial City. We will also carry out a review of the potential of different future transport solutions, such as Hyperloop and the next generation of autonomous electric delivery systems.

Integrating several modes of transport

The overall system will provide a backbone integrated electric rail transport system encompassing different modes of transport: a central axis with high speed, metro, and freight lines (The Spine), running parallel to The Line, a network serving the entire industrial zone with metro and freight lines (The NEOM Industrial City Connector), and funiculars to link the Line to NEOM Mountain.

To date, the two most advanced projects are NEOM Industrial City and The Line, scheduled for completions in 2024.