Technical details
Royal Commission for Makkah City and the Holy Sites

2023 – Ongoing

Feasibility studies upgrade
Saudi Arabia
Ernst & Young (EY), Watson Farley & Williams (WFW)
Transport planning, economic, financial, and legal analysis

Following the opening of the Mashaaer Muqaddasah metro over a decade ago, SYSTRA has been re-engaged by the Royal Commission for Makkah City and the Holy Sites to apply its expertise in the updating of feasibility studies for the Makkah Metro.

Expanding the metro network

SYSTRA is leading a joint venture (JV) to prepare the future of the Makkah Metro. Designed to transport millions of pilgrims during the Hajj*, the existing Mashaaer line will be complemented by a complete network designed to carry pilgrims and residents beyond the Mashaaer sites all year round.

A long experience on the Makkah Metro

From 2010 to 2012, SYSTRA carried out the initial feasibility studies for these metro lines serving, in particular, the Makkah Central Area and the Al-Haram Mosque, an essential stage of the pilgrimage. From 2013 to 2015 SYSTRA carried out the preliminary design and prepared the tender documents for lines B and C of the Makkah Metro.

With this project, SYSTRA is updating these studies in order to analyse the current state of the network and prepare its phased and progressive development plan, with the aim of reducing traffic congestion in the city centre and air pollution, while improving the experience of visitors and pilgrims.

In particular, the metro will include service to several other important sites in Makkah, and the updated transport plan will have to take into account several new parameters. These will include the integration of Vision 2030 and the numerous urban development and rehabilitation projects, the evolution of the local population and the growing number of pilgrims, to better understand current transport demand, and the technical constraints and challenges associated with building a metro in a city with such unique characteristics.

*An annual pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah.