Technical details
Penang Sentral SDN BHD

From Feb 2018 to Apr 2019

Penang, Malaysia
Active Mobility Studies

Penang Sentral Transport Terminal is an intermodal transport hub connecting bus, train and ferry services. SYSTRA to analyses the future pedestrian demand and movements at the pedestrian link bridge which connects between the Transport Terminal, Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal and Butterworth KTMB station.

Services provided:

  • Forecast of the future pedestrian volumes to be accommodated by the link bridge based on existing traffic and plans for improvement of Ferry and Rail services in order to;
  • Evaluation of the current link bridge infrastructure in terms of capacity to meet the future demand while maintaining an acceptable level of service;
  • Identification of potential bottleneck (friction points, steep gradient, interweaving of pedestrian desire lines, long walking distance etc) in the existing Link Bridge configuration and proposal of correctives measures, if found necessary, to ensure smooth exchanges within Penang Sentral at year 2030 horizon.