Technical details
Ultimate Client: ​Land Transport Authority​ / Direct Client:​ AECOM Pte Ltd

From Jun 2015 till Jan 2020

Design consultancy service of multi-Storey bus depot
Public Transport Studies​ / Development Level Traffic Studies

The project mainly comprises the design consultancy service of multi-storey bus depot in 5 locations in Singapore. There are various challenges in the given area that vary between 4Ha to 6.3Ha such as footprint limitation, height limitation, site characteristic, and so forth. All of those constraints are considered in designing the required activities and appropriate bus circulations in the depot.​

The main challenge of the project is the integration of all aspects of development with structural, architectural, traffic circulation and so forth. The challenging site characteristic also plays a role in influencing the unique design of a multi-storey bus depot that is integrated with a rail depot.

SYSTRA to provide Bus Depot Specialist Advisory Services for the design of five bus depots in Singapore. One of the key tasks including preparation of Bus Depot Design Criteria to provide a detailed design guide for the design and construction of multi storey bus depots in Singapore. We also provide inputs to the architect and other consultants at various design stages from concept to preliminary design, taking into account of operational and maintenance requirements in Singapore, with particular consideration on multi-storey bus depot.