Technical details
MTR Corporation

From December 2022 to May 2023

Hong Kong
Asset Managment

Hong-Kong’s Mass Transit Railway (MTR) network is 278km long and comprises of 10 metro lines and one LRT line, with a daily ridership of 5.88mil passengers. It started operation in 1979.

SYSTRA provided its expertise in operating and maintaining rail network (metro, light rail and high speed rail) that are more than 40 years old to help MTR to optimize its asset management regime in view of aging, capacity and safety needs.

In a first phase dedicated to an independent assessment and benchmark, SYSTRA carried out:

  • A benchmark of several European networks to identify proven and relevant best practices in comparable contexts,
  • A review of MTR’s existing maintenance regime against the latest trackside equipment conditions, including inspections frequencies, preventive and corrective maintenance measures,
  • A Review of the overall MTR maintenance regime for trackside related equipment, for railway system and infrastructure work from a management and technical perspective,
  • The Co-development of Revamped Asset Management Regime, with an on-site team of experts working jointly with MTR to build a sound trackside inspection and maintenance revamping plan through change management techniques and introduction of technological improvements.

In a second phase dedicated to a more comprehensive study, SYSTRA specifically assessed:

  • The Asset Management System (AMS) based on ISO55001, including the implemented procedures by MTR.
  • the Risk Assessment and Management’s approach and methodology: Including a comparative analysis with reference to other Railways Networks and Nuclear Power Plants in relation of useful life and mature life management.
  • Release of Concession (RoC) scheme, including a benchmark with Aviation industry, Nuclear Power Plant industry and also Railway industry in the world,
  • the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) concept, including recommendations on how to revamp the current Maintenance Management System.