Technical details
The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

From Aug 2014 to Feb 2015

Forecast demand for ferry services.
Aviation & Maritime Services

Singapore has a number of domestic and regional ferry terminals which serve international travel between Singapore and Indonesia, local services to anchorages, and local services to nearby islands. In light of a recent White Paper on population published by the Singapore Government, the Maritime and Ports Authority (MPA) have commissioned a study to update the forecast demand for ferry services, to assess ferry terminal operations, and to optimize current terminal and land usage.

  • SYSTRA assessed and recommended on the optimal infrastructure required in Singapore until year 2055. The Study covered both the regional terminals (HFT and TMFT) and the domestic terminals (MSP, PPFT, WCP, CPFT) currently operating in Singapore.​
  • We also proposed operational layouts of optimized / consolidated terminals and landside transport access arrangements and to conduct demand forecasting / Market structure analysis.