Technical details
SBS Transit Rail Pte Ltd

From November 2022 to December 2022

Shadow Operator

SBS Transit is the Operator of Downtown Line (DTL) MRT in Singapore, a 42km-long automated metro line comprising of 34 underground stations, a fleet of 92 trainsets and a daily ridership of more than 250,000 passengers.

The DTL line is operated with standby service crew on the train during revenue operation.

SYSTRA provided an independent assessment of SBS Transit crew schedule to optimize the total numbers of staffs required for the DTL operation.

SBS Transit Operation team had done their own simulation of the total number of staffs required during weekdays and weekend, based on the rules and regulations set by Ministry of Manpower, using Hastus software application.

The simulation done by Systra relied on an internal tool enriched with proven practices from international networks. Then, Systra reviewed the simulation result done by SBS Transit and compared it against its own simulation results to identify possible ways to reduce the nos. of staffs required by SBS Transit and confirm the crew schedule to operate Downtown Line MRT.