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Detail Design
Update of existing design

The CTW130 Project (Sadara Rail Project + Jubail Railway Network Project) is an Industrial Railway Network connecting Jubail Industrial Cities 1 and 2 with two ports, King Fahad Industrial Port (KFIP) and Jubail commercial Port (JCP), to enable industries to ship 12 000 tons daily (4 000 000 tons annually) of products to both domestic and export markets.

Characteristics of the project :

  • Jubail Railway Network Main Line - 20.8 km
  • Line 8 Jubail Commercial Port & Yard  - 9.3 km and 2.3 km
  • Line 9 King Fahad Industrial Port & Yard - 7.1 km and 2.7 km
  • Connection of Jubail Railway Network Main Line (CTW130) – SAR North-South Railway Line (CTW 110 and CTW 120) - 3 km
  • Sadara Siding & Sadara Yard - 7 km
  • SAR Marshalling Yard - 28,6 km
  • Two passing loops - 2 km
  • 29 Structures

SYSTRA scope of work on CTW130 is to update the existing design prepared by SNC-Lavalin to satisfy the requirements collectively agreed by the final Client SAR and other industrial stakeholders involved in this project.

The design shall be updated in order to:

  • Close existing comments on SNC-Lavalin detailed design and ensure approval of the final design by the Client (SAR), the Engineer of the Client (TYPSA) and the Jubail Royal Comission
  • Optimize construction costs through standardization

Following a first review of the design, SYSTRA scope of work has been extended to include the modification of the structural configuration for several bridges.

SYSTRA is responsible for updating the design for the following disciplines:

  • Alignment
  • Geotechnics/Earthworks (incl. foundations for new structures)
  • Roads
  • Drainage
  • Trackworks
  • Structures

The areas included in SYSTRA the scope of work are:Jubail Railway Network Main Line (Jubail 1 and Jubail 2) Line 8 Jubail Commercial Port & Yard Line 9 King Fahad Industrial Port & Yard SADARA yard

SYSTRA Korea has been leading the design works on this complex project, and provided the detailed engineering design for all bridges and complex structures.