Founded in 1973, the railway and urban transport engineering services company SOTECNI became in 2000 part of SYSTRA Group, one of the world’s leading engineering and consultancy groups specialised in public transport and mobility solutions, thus creating SYSTRA SOTECNI.

Based in Rome, SYSTRA SOTECNI operates in the transport sector and more particularly in the civil engineering sector. Its teams composed of more than 50 experts are able to take charge of the development of a project in all its phases, whether local or international.

The subsidiary specialises in transport planning studies, preliminary, final and detailed design as well as supervision of transport infrastructure works.

SYSTRA SOTECNI is often called upon to work with other Group subsidiaries in France, Eastern and Central Europe, Middle East.

The versatility of SYSTRA SOTECNI’s teams is also geared towards providing a flexible and professional response to clients’ needs. We have extensive experience of successful multidisciplinary projects, which has enabled us to build a team of professionals who know how to work together.

Our mindset is to understand and adopt the client’s requirements at the outset of the project, and then to analyse, develop and refine these requirements in close collaboration with the client. That is why we have developed a flexible and innovative approach to projects.


SYSTRA SOTECNI acts in a socially responsible manner with full respect for the environment and the territory within which it operates, according to an integrated management system that includes certifications ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001.

We are committed in designing and delivering sustainable and resilient infrastructure, with particular reference to the framework  Envision®, developed by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) and adopted by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Spa.

Integrated Company Policy

Key figures

12 transport studies at national level:  

5 of which were multimodal national transport plans 

5 national railway transport studies and 2 national roads plan    

16 transport studies, or technical assistance on transport at regional level 

Design of:   

6,200km of highways and expressways 

735km of metropolitan and suburban railway lines 

8,450km of railway lines  out of which 1,650km are new high speed lines 

60km of tramway lines 

2,840km of construction work supervision of highways, railways and waterways, the majority of which are designed by SYSTRA SOTECNI.