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Paramics Microsimulation is 3D traffic simulation to enable transport professionals to design, evaluate and present amazing solutions. Easy to learn and use. Built on over 20 years’ industry experience.

Our transport planning heritage and the experience gained by our modelling team is utilised to shape the ongoing development of our products and ensure they truly meet the needs of transport planners.

As principal users of our own products, our transport consultants are ideally placed to offer a range of services to our customers including support, training and auditing.

Benefit from a unique synergy between transport planning and software development!

Paramics discovery

You can use Paramics Discovery to test a wide variety of transport planning interventions:

  • road network operation
  • new infrastructure improvements
  • reallocation of road space
  • traffic signal control optimisation
  • public transport operations
  • event planning, traffic management and roadworks
  • economic assessment –  environmental (i.e. emissions) assessment

paramics discovery 26

Paramics Discovery 26 is our latest microsimulation product. Built on our wealth of experience of software development and microsimulation modelling, its new features include detailed cycling modelling and pedestrian visualisations.

paramics Microsimulation

Whatever you want to test, Paramics Discovery lets you assess the impacts quickly and simply. Paramics offers an easy to use interface, not only for building networks or standard operations, but also for all aspects of microsimulation, particularly data analysis.


Paramics Discovery reproduces real-world traffic conditions in a computer model by simulating the detailed behavior of individual vehicles on a user-defined road network.

The solution allows you to:

  • Create your road network from one junction to a whole city quickly and easily.
  • Assign routes and visualise traffic behaviour.
  • Calibrate the model to match the real world with the help of built-in presents.
  • Test a wide range of designs and scenarios, from parking strategies to infrastructure improvements
  • Present your results using 3D simulations to clients

They have chosen paramics

Paramics Discovery used to model Douglas, Isle of Man.

Paramics discovery used to assess low emissions zones in aberdeen

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