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Assessing Low Emissions Zones In Aberdeen

paramics discovery used to assess low emissions zones in aberdeen

Many cities around the UK are exploring the introduction of Low Emissions Zones (LEZs), to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. Paramics Discovery is an ideal tool for assessing road network options associated with the introduction of LEZs.

The Interim NLEF (National Low Emissions Framework) Stage 2 Appraisal recommended four different LEZ boundary options be assessed using the Aberdeen City Paramics Discovery model. Key performance indicators were collected from the model to establish a preferred option(s).

These elements were:

  • Network Demand Level & Congestion Areas
  • Impact through Air Quality Exceedance Locations
  • Alignment with Network Hierarchy
  • Car Park Accessibility Impact
  • Impact to residential properties within LEZ area

Operational performance and output statistics from Paramics Discovery were used in tandem with Air Quality Dispersion Modelling and Strategic Traffic Modelling analysis to establish a preferred option and feed into the overall assessment.