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Sound Transit South 200th Link Extension – Seattle, Washington

Technical details
Sound Transit – Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority

Construction Completed: 2017

Seattle, Washington
Design/Build Contractor: PCL Construction Services, Prime Consultant: HDR Engineering, Inc.
SYSTRA IBT’s Role: Segmental Superstructure Design Consultant


Total Length: 1.6 miles (2.6 km) of double-track light rail.
Span length: 130 ft 6 in (39.8 m)

The structural design involves the construction of 1.6 miles (2.6 km) of double-track light rail transit on an elevated guideway. The guideway is a precast segmental structure including twin track, and single-track box girders. Typical spans are simply supported with a maximum length of 130 ft 6 in (39.8 m). Continuous structures are used for longer spans up to 156 ft (47.5 m).

The project includes two long span bridges with main spans of 333 ft (101.5 m) and 363 ft (110.6 m) in the area surrounding the Sea-Tac Airport. Typical spans are erected span-by-span with an overhead truss, long spans are erected in balanced cantilever with cranes on the ground or on deck.

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