We are a specialized engineering firm committed solely to bridge engineering and dedicated to providing clients with cost-effective and constructible solutions.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the SYSTRA Group, a global leader in transport infrastructure design, we’re part of a network of over 350 bridge engineering specialists deployed worldwide. SYSTRA International Bridge Technologies is a cornerstone of SYSTRA Bridges, which comprises our offices in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East, as well as SYSTRA’s bridge design hubs throughout the world.

At SYSTRA IBT, our team of professionals has extensive experience in all facets of bridge design, construction, and maintenance. We’ve partnered with transportation authorities, general contractors, and multi-discipline engineering firms, including being Engineer-of-Record for both traditional design-bid-build and design-build projects. Our bridge projects extend to various countries, including the United States, Canada, Panama, Australia, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Taiwan, and the Middle East.

We are dedicated exclusively to the design and engineering of a variety of bridge types. Our expertise lies in niche areas such as steel-concrete composite and all concrete cable-stayed structures, extradosed structures, and segmental concrete bridges.

Additionally, our team is renowned globally for our expertise in elevated guideway design for metro and high-speed rail projects. Our colleagues in SYSTRA Bridges also bring in valuable references in the design of suspension bridges, arches, and truss bridges, as well as for their successful design of over 280 miles (450 km) of elevated guideways using SYSTRA’s patented U-shaped viaduct. Moreover, SYSTRA continues its ascent in the Engineering News-Record (ENR) rankings, holding the 4th position in the International Bridges Category for the year of 2023.

SYSTRA IBT is committed to providing our clients with solutions that are tailor-made for their specific needs and site requirements. Our approach emphasizes the importance of producing bridges that are both cost-effective and constructible without compromising on quality or aesthetics.


SYSTRA, a global leader in engineering and consultancy, has dedicated over 65 years to enhancing transportation in cities and regions by specializing in public mobility solutions. With a workforce of 10,000+, SYSTRA’s mission is to connect people worldwide through the improvement of safe transportation for employment, healthcare, education, and leisure. The SYSTRA Group serves as the go-to team for modernizing transportation solutions and providing dependable support to partners and clients, ensuring the sustainability of transport infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.

To learn more about SYSTRA, visit: www.systra.com

A Legacy of Engineering Excellence

SYSTRA International Bridge Technologies’ values are deeply rooted in a mentor-apprentice tradition that has shaped the world of bridge engineering for generations. Today, we carry on a legacy of technical achievement and the creation of beautiful structures, honoring the innovative work of those who laid the foundation for what is viable in bridge engineering.

A Bridge Engineering Icon

At the core of our legacy lies the late Jean M. Muller, who was one of the greatest bridge engineers of the 20th century. Muller’s contributions to bridge engineering are nothing short of legendary. He is credited with the development of the match-casting technique, a breakthrough innovation widely used in modern precast concrete segmental construction. His visionary design for the Brotonne Bridge in Normandy, France, featuring a 1050-ft main span supported by a single plane of cable stays, marked a turning point in bridge engineering. He also introduced the delta frame concept, a groundbreaking approach to widening segmental cable-stayed bridges, allowing them to accommodate more traffic lanes without compromising structural integrity. Muller’s mentor, Eugène Freyssinet, is often regarded as the inventor of modern prestressed concrete.

Continuing the Legacy

From 1972, Daniel Tassin, co-founder of International Bridge Technologies had the privilege of working closely with Mr. Muller for an impressive 25 years. Daniel served as the Chief Engineer for the iconic Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa, Florida, leaving an indelible mark on the world of bridge construction. His career continued to soar as he became involved in some of the largest and most challenging bridge projects worldwide.

In 2000, International Bridge Technologies was founded, establishing itself as a renowned California-based firm specializing exclusively in bridge engineering. Under Daniel’s guidance, who served as both IBT’s President and Technical Director, the company embarked on a 17-year journey characterized by remarkable accomplishments, solidifying IBT’s position as a leader in cutting-edge bridge engineering. He is still active in the firm and serves as Senior Technical Advisor for SYSTRA IBT.

Prior to starting International Bridge Technologies, Inc., Daniel Tassin was involved in several remarkable projects: the Houston Ship Channel Bridge and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge with Figg & Muller Engineers; the H3 Windward Viaduct in Hawaii, the Bangkok Transit System and Bang Na Expressway in Thailand, the Confederation Bridge and Vancouver Millenium Light Rail in Canada all with J. Muller International.

Houston Ship Channel Bridge – Texas
Sunshine Skyway Bridge – Florida
H3 Windward Viaduct – Hawaii
Bangkok Transit System – Thailand
Bang Na Expressway – Thailand
Confederation Bridge – Canada
Millennium Light Rail – Canada

Dynamic Synergy

IBT joined forces in 2017 with SYSTRA, a global leader in public transport and mobility engineering. This strategic partnership was a pivotal moment in our history, one that brought together two pillars of expertise to form SYSTRA International Bridge Technologies. Together, we expanded our core capabilities to offer clients an all-encompassing approach that combines technical service, excellence in innovation, and an unwavering commitment to safety and ethics. The integration was not just about joining two entities; it was about creating a dynamic synergy that would shape the landscape of transportation infrastructure worldwide.

Forwarding a Legacy

The success of SYSTRA IBT can be attributed to the pioneering work of our mentors. While segmental construction techniques are now commonplace, they remain intricate and demanding. SYSTRA IBT has navigated through the same challenges that were once considered unproven technology, developing leaders thanks to the knowledge and guidance passed down from the Muller-Tassin duo. This wealth of experience and expertise has enabled SYSTRA IBT to extend across a diverse spectrum of bridge types, each presenting unique challenges. Our engineers today are inspired and remain dedicated to carrying forward the legacy of innovation. They continue to push the boundaries of bridge engineering, creating structures that leave a lasting mark on the world.

Photos: © D. Tassin