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SYSTRA International Bridge Technologies is widely recognized as a premier provider of comprehensive bridge engineering services. With our extensive years of expertise spanning over two decades, our experience encompasses various specialized aspects of bridge engineering. Our approach revolves around designing structures tailored to the specific site. Through close collaboration with our clients, we strive to develop cost-saving concepts paired with meticulously planned construction methods, all while selecting suitable materials based on cost-effectiveness. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our goal is to design bridges that seamlessly showcase innovation and efficiency, blending harmoniously with their natural surroundings.

SYSTRA International Bridge Technologies is widely recognized as a premier provider of comprehensive bridge engineering services.

Committed to providing comprehensive solutions for all types of bridges, our services cover the entire lifecycle of a structure. This ensures that your needs are not only addressed today but also anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. Our team of dedicated professionals is engaged in every facet of the bridge engineering process, from the initial stages of concept development to the finer aspects of design implementation, including shop drawings and the intricacies of construction engineering. This collaborative synergy guarantees that each project benefits from a comprehensive perspective, ensuring a successful transition from project initiation to completion.

Our Services Include:

  • Tender Preparation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Pre-Bid Engineering
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Specifications Preparation
  • Bids Analysis
  • Estimating
  • Independent Checking
  • Detailed Design
    • Preliminary and Final
  • Demolition Design Analysis
  • Load Ratings
  • Special Analyses
  • Dynamic
    • Wind Analyses
    • Seismic Analyses
    • Passenger Comfort Analysis
    • Rail-Structure Interaction
  • BIM/BrIM
  • Complex Drafting and Specialized Detailing
  • Realistic Graphics
    • 3D Renderings
    • Visual Animation
    • Construction Sequence Animation
  • Geotech/Foundation
    • Foundation Design
  • Technical Assistance During Construction
  • Construction Supervision
  • Construction Engineering
    • Integrated Shop Drawings
    • Conflict Identification and Resolution
    • Construction Planning/Scheduling
    • Step-by-Step Construction Analyses
    • Camber Computations
    • Geometry Control Systems
    • Temporary Works Design
    • Construction Manuals
    • Prefabrication Plant Design
  • Assessment/Repair
    • Structural Assessment
    • Maintenance Manual Preparation
    • Condition Evaluation and Inspection
    • Design of Repair Works
    • Rehabilitation
    • Stay-Cable Replacement Design
    • Seismic Retrofit

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