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Challoma Chico Footbridge – Bolivia

Technical details
Bridges to Prosperity, Gobierno Autonomo Municipal de Yaco, Provincia Loayza, La Paz, Bolivia

Construction Completed: 2017

Bridges to Prosperity and the Walsh Group
Sponsored, financed and built by: SYSTRA IBT and the Walsh Group.

The project serves two communities, Challoma Grande and Challoma Chico, located on opposite sides of the river. Prior to the bridge’s construction, a crude timber traverse provided the lone passage between these villages, and Challoma Grande has the region’s only emergency health clinic, its only school, and its only access road to other distant population centers. During rainy seasons, torrents would often render the short, low-level timbers unsafe or impassible, isolating Challoma Chico villagers from critical lifeline and other important services. The new high-level bridge now provides a safe year-round crossing between these two sister villages.

By enlisting Challoma’s residents to assist in the construction effort, the project also featured important cultural and technology exchanges. Methods introduced by the Walsh-SYSTRA IBT team enabled the completion of the deck and other critical operations over a nine-day period, allowing the bridge to open one day ahead of its scheduled inauguration festivities. This prompted a first-time visit to this remote area by the Provincial Governor and other dignitaries from La Paz, located 250 km (155 miles) away over dirt roads and treacherous mountain switchbacks.

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