International Bridge Technologies

Viaducto K61- Xalapa, Mexico

Technical details
Gobierno del Estado de Veracruz

Construction completed: 2012

Xalapa, Mexico
Contractor: CAPEXA – VSL
SYSTRA IBT’s Role: Bridge Design Consultant, detailed design and construction engineering.

The cast-in-place box girder, boasting a width of 17.9 meters (58 feet), accommodates four lanes of traffic over a deep valley, with pier heights reaching up to 85 meters (279 feet). The superstructure comprises two central spans of 145 meters (476 feet) each and two approach spans of 90 meters (295 feet) each. The roadway design incorporates both vertical and horizontal curves throughout the entire bridge length. The substructure consists of cast-in-place rectangular hollow piers supported by bored pile foundations and spread footings. Erected using the balanced cantilever method with form travelers, the Viaducto K61 bridge stands as a testament to engineering precision.

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