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Carlos Camacho Espíritu Blvd. Bridge – Puebla, Mexico

Technical details
Gobierno del Estado de Puebla, Secretaría de Infraestructura

Construction Completed: 2013

Concept, design, and engineer visually appealing bridge.
Concept, design, and engineer of the iconic Puebla bridge.
Contractor: GH Anderl
SYSTRA IBT’s Role: Concept development, final design and construction engineering.


Total Length: 313 m (1,026 ft)
Asymmetrical Span: 84 m (275 ft), 54 m (177 ft), 35 m (115 ft)

Spanning a length of 313 m (1,026 ft), the bridge comprises a 105 m (344 ft) long north approach, a 173 m (567 ft) long cable-stayed structure, and a 35 m (115 ft) long south approach. Its strategic location addresses traffic congestion at one of the city’s busiest intersections. Notably, both the cable-stayed structure and the approaches feature specially designed aesthetically pleasing elements, fitting for a bridge situated in one of Puebla’s primary arteries.

The superstructure has an asymmetrical span arrangement of 84 m (275 ft), 54 m (177 ft), 35 m (115 ft). The pylon’s unique architectural shape imparts a sense of inclination without actual incline, achieved through varying dimensions on three of its five faces. Supporting the roadway are two shallow longitudinal concrete edge girders measuring 0.70 m (2.3 ft) deep on either side. A grid, consisting of two central 1.4 m (4.5 ft) deep steel beams and variable-depth steel transverse floor beams, collaborates with the concrete deck slab to efficiently distribute forces to the edge girders. The variable depth and architectural openings in the transverse floor beams contribute to the deck’s slender appearance.

The approaches are characterized by 35 m (115 ft) long simply supported spans. Utilizing the two central 1.4 m (4.5 ft) deep steel girders, variable-depth steel transverse floor beams, and the composite concrete deck from the cable-stayed span, the superstructure of the approach spans maintains visual continuity with the cable-stayed structure and achieves an equally slender appearance.

SYSTRA IBT is responsible for concept development, which includes incorporating all aesthetic requests, as well as final design and construction engineering.

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