SYSTRA is presenting at the NACITCC

SYSTRA’s cybersecurity industry leaders Philippe Ayrault and Dennis Wong, P.E. are presenting at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s cybersecurity consortium to share their insights, knowledge, and experiences on securing a legacy system.

Kimberly Slaughter Selected to APTA Executive Committee SYSTRA Welcomes New Principal Architect

With over 29 years of experience in architecture, he has successfully led multi-million-dollar infrastructure and transportation projects throughout the New York metropolitan area. His recent work includes supporting the New York City Housing Authority with administering design-build projects, leading diverse teams to deliver multiple simultaneous projects. Previously, Genaro was lead architect for the Port Authority of NY & NJ.

ENR 2023: further progress for SYSTRA

SYSTRA has once again risen in the ENR rankings, both in the transportation engineering category and in terms of international turnover in 2022.

SYSTRA continues to grow in its benchmark category

In the Transportation ranking, which brings together the 2022 sales figures of the ten largest engineering companies in the mobility sector, we have moved up one place to 8th position, after already having moved up one place last year. We are the first French engineering company in this ranking.

In the Top 225 International Design Firms, which includes companies’ international turnover (generated outside France for SYSTRA), the Group moved up one place to 24th, after winning 4 places last year, which anchors us in the Top 25.

These two rises confirm the effectiveness of our strategy of excellence in the transport sector and our focus on the most attractive countries.

Moreover, we also moved up 2 places in the rankings based on the total sales (including France) to 45th place, confirming our place among the world’s Top 50 engineering companies.

The rankings for the Mass Transit & Rail and Bridges categories will be announced in December when the Top Global Sourcebook is published.

After a record year in 2022 for SYSTRA, our Group’s performance has been confirmed by this ENR ranking, which is a benchmark in the sector. This new rise confirms the relevance of our strategy of focusing on the transport engineering market in the most dynamic countries, where we are pursuing our organic growth as well as making targeted acquisitions.

Pierre Verzat, Chief Executive Officer

Find out more on Engineering News-Record ranking on their website.

Activity report 2022: SYSTRA at the service of useful mobility

To further increase its positive contribution to the development of territories and populations, the Group is pursuing its growth trajectory by mobilising the necessary resources and optimising its agile working methods. Our teams are more connected than ever, and committed to serving the movements of millions of people around the world.

This year, we have focused on six themes that reflect the SYSTRA of today, and we have chosen to have them addressed by our employees and stakeholders. They are all, in turn, passionate, partners, ingenious, concerned, mobile and, above all, confident.

The 2022 Activity Report tells the story of our successes through their eyes, and salutes their commitment, in the name of useful mobility.

We hope you enjoy reading it!

And to see the key information about the Group in 2022-2023, the latest version of At a Glance is also available.

SYSTRA to play key role in California’s future high-speed line

Since November 2022, our teams have been an integral part of the consortium in charge of designing the section between Merced and Madera (known as the M-M section) on the future high-speed line (HSL) in California, in the Central Valley area. We are responsible for carrying out the design studies for the route of the line (package NTP-1*), with the option of delivering the final design studies and preparing the documents to launch construction (package NTP-2).

Our work with the California high-speed rail program began in 2006 when we prepared a multi-decade implementation plan for the high-speed rail line. Subsequently, SYSTRA was a member of the program management team, supporting project delivery and implementation, strategy development, and regional coordination. Next, SYSTRA was a member of the team providing design for Construction Package 1 (CP1) – the initial operating section of the high-speed rail project and provided guideway embankment and structural design and construction support.

Artist’s view of the future HSL in operation

A new stage in a long-term project

The final client for the project is the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CAHSRA), which has been overseeing this ambitious program since 1994.

The teams at SYSTRA USA are enthusiastic about the idea of bringing high-speed rail to California. We have been involved in this program since its inception, serving future users. By studying the possibilities of reducing the costs of the project, minimising risks, and improving journey times, SYSTRA is committed to supporting the creation of a network which is accessible, economical, and sustainable.

Frédéric Bana, Chief Operating Officer, SYSTRA USA

With its recognised expertise in half of the high-speed lines studied worldwide, SYSTRA is responsible for risk and configuration management, system integration, the design of all subsystems (power supply, train control, systems safety), as well as the structural and seismic parts of the preliminary studies to define the project’s footprint.

The purpose of these assignments is to advance the construction of the HSR line between Merced and Madera, as an extension of the portion already under construction in the Central Valley.

California HSL corridor in Central Valley

SYSTRA ready to respond to high-speed projects in the United States

Since 2012, SYSTRA USA has supported FRA oversight of two higher-speed rail corridors in the Midwest. We have also studied the creation of high-speed rail networks in Texas and Florida and have been involved in multiple projects along the Northeast Corridor, the busiest passenger rail line in the US and the fastest one in operation today.

California high-speed rail program:

NTP: Notice to Proceed. An administrative document which, once added to the file, enables the works to begin.

ENR Rankings: SYSTRA moves up two positions 

In its latest publication, the American magazine Engineering News-Record has placed our Group in 5th position in the International Bridges ranking, which compares the international turnover (i.e. excluding France) of engineering design firms. SYSTRA has thus gained two positions.   

Our Group retained its 3rd position in the International Mass Transit & Rail ranking acquired last year.    

These new results, based on SYSTRA’s turnover in 2021, complement the rankings published last August:  

“These rankings confirm the relevance of our growth strategy, both organically towards more international markets and externally through the acquisition of SWS Engineering, now integrated within SYSTRA Italy. We can collectively congratulate ourselves on seeing the Group consolidate its position as a major player in transport and complex structures.”

Jean-Charles Vollery, Chief Operating Officer

Engineering News-Record is the leading American magazine for engineering and civil engineering. Its annual rankings by category, based on companies’ domestic and international sales figures, are the barometer of the sector worldwide. 

Construction of the Mosquito Road Bridge has begun in California

In California, the company Shimmick Construction laid the first stone of the new Mosquito Road Bridge, designed by SYSTRA IBT in partnership with Quincy Engineering Inc. Together, our teams carried out the preliminary studies and final design of this new structure which will overlook South Arm of the American River, for our client El Dorado County.

The ‘Swinging Bridge’ will become a footbridge.

A record work on the road to the gold rush

The construction of this new bridge resonates with the history of the United States: the American River is indeed the river where the gold rush began in 1848, with the discovery of the first nuggets at Sutter’s mill.

In the midst of gold fever, California acquired its first single-lane wooden bridge in 1867, replaced identically in 1939. This local landmark is however in poor condition: often under maintenance, nicknamed “Swinging Bridge”, it is known to be a dangerous traffic axis in the region, with a maximum weight limit per vehicle of 5 tons.

The future bridge seen from the bottom of the American River valley.

El Dorado County had therefore chosen SYSTRA to design a new structure, while retaining the historic wooden bridge, which will be limited to pedestrian and cyclist crossings. The Mosquito Road Bridge deck will culminate at 114 meters in height, and the maximum span between its piers will be 163.4m.

The structure chosen is that of a cantilever bridge, which will be made of a post-tensioned concrete box-girder with elements cast on site. SYSTRA IBT was more specifically responsible for the calculations for the preliminary studies, the final design of the superstructure and the columns, and the review of the studies for the foundations and the abutments.

When completed, by 2025, the Mosquito Road Bridge will provide a fast and direct connection for the surrounding communities to Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, through the California hinterland, via the town of Placerville in the Swansboro area.

Key features – Mosquito Road Bridge

SYSTRA wins another contract in the USA on New York’s rail network

Our US teams will replace and upgrade the aging equipment of the Babylon Interlocking Signal System, comprising five locations, on a branch of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), a commuter rail system in the southeastern part of New York state.

A broad scope of responsibilities

The work is being performed via a design-build contract and is divided into civil design and signal design. The signal design package is being prepared by the contractor’s signal supplier. As a subconsultant to the lead designer, Dewberry, SYSTRA is reviewing and will be the Engineer of Record for the signaling system. We will be involved in every facet of the design, including testing and simulations leading to the final design.

With this latest contract we have proved once again that our experience and expertise are very much in demand for this type of project. I am delighted to be playing a significant part in this assignment and I look forward to its successful completion.

Michael Natenzon, Senior Vice President – Electrical/TP Sector Lead

SYSTRA and the LIRR: a successful record of collaboration

Launched in early 2018, the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) Expansion Project is focused on modernizing the rail road’s central artery, adding a third track along this heavily trafficked segment. As an important member of the team providing project management oversight of the design-build contractor, SYSTRA is overseeing the work involving signals and communications systems, stations, and parking facilities, as well as infrastructure such as bridge widening and utility relocations. We have also been working on one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the US, East Side Access, since 1998 with various assignments, including the most recent work involving catenary design and the day-to-day breakdown and start-up of five new interlockings.

Our teams are proud to have been awarded more work on the LIRR, the busiest suburban rail line in the country, and I am confident that we will provide the necessary expertise to enable the project to progress and be completed on time.

Dave Male – Chief Signal Engineer

Improving performance and safety

Most of the signal system components were installed in the 1960s and have reached or exceeded their useful life. The cost of signal maintenance is increasing, and train service is disrupted regularly because of signal equipment failures. The upgraded signal system will improve service reliability by reducing equipment failures thus supporting LIRR’s on-time performance and safety goals.

ENR 2022: SYSTRA moves up in all rankings

In the Top 225 International Design Firms ranking, which compares international turnover (excluding France for SYSTRA), we have moved up four places to 25th position. This represents a continuous rise of 11 places in 3 years, and 17 places in 6 years, which confirms that SYSTRA is becoming more international each year and that its business is growing faster than its competitors.

At the same time, in the Top 150 Global Design Firms ranking, which compares worldwide turnover (including France), we have moved up 7 places to 47th position, our greatest progress since 2016 in this ranking. This demonstrates the dynamism of the entire Group, including in our historical market, France.

SYSTRA has also moved up one place in the Transportation ranking, one of our benchmark categories, to 9th position, consolidating the Group’s position in the Top 10. This ranking brings together the 2021 turnovers of the ten largest engineering firms in the mobility sector.  The rankings for the Transport sub-categories (Mass Transit & Rail and Bridges in particular) will be published in December for the whole Group.

For the United States, in the Mass Transit & Rail ranking dedicated to this country published in July 2022, SYSTRA USA kept its 17th position gained in 2021.

The rankings established by ENR confirm the good health, dynamism, and growth of all SYSTRA’s business units. In the face of continuing competition, and in a market that is still going strong, we have managed to stand out from the crowd and to grow faster than the other groups. It is now up to us to continue our efforts and to make the most of the year 2022.

Jean-Charles Vollery, Chief Operating Officer, SYSTRA

Find out more on Engineering News-Record ranking on their website.