At SYSTRA, all the expertise you need to be able to plan, design and ultimately build a roadway, street or plaza is available. One of our greatest strengths is that we have the skills to participate in every stage of a project. We have dedicated engineers, with experience working on everything from the initial stages, including the production of drawings and technical specifications for tenders, to support during construction and different types of as-built documentation. 

At SYSTRA, we have high standards when it comes to our working methods and tools. We’ve been able to expand our road sector by attracting and hiring the best people in the industry. Our resolve and focus propels us on our gradual journey towards becoming Sweden’s most innovative business when it comes to road and street construction. Our goal at all times is to be able to deliver as much added value to customers as possible whilst offering a stimulating environment to our designers.  

We constantly work on furthering our development, whether this involves improving our understanding of client’s needs and expectations or deepening our existing knowledge about the guidelines and requirements of the Swedish Transport Administration. Setting clear expectations and goals with the client, as well as internally with the design team, is a critical success factor for successful project design.  


Our road designers have years of experience designing and planning roads, such as public streets, pedestrian roads and bicycle paths, intersections, bus stops and other road-related construction like car parks and rest areas. Our designers coordinate with other technical disciplines since road design often serves as the basis for continued project design in other technical areas.  


SYSTRA has extensive experience and know-how when it comes to the design and planning of streets for municipal and private customers. Projects vary and include, for example, streets in urban environments or development areas, pedestrian roads and bicycle paths, bus stops, squares and car parks. Our designers are well versed in road and street design (VGU) and familiar with the municipalities’ technical manuals, giving them extensive know-how when it comes to e.g. material procurement and availability.


Our land engineers have extensive experience carrying out topographic surveys for both municipal and private customers. The work tasks include surveying, designing and levelling, for example, playgrounds, courtyards, parklands, sound barriers and stormwater collection areas.


We have the resources and expertise in the Traffic technical area to tackle projects from the early stages through the construction phase. We carry out projects in the road and design planning phases and assist other construction stakeholders with traffic and parking issues during the approval process phase. Feasibility studies of various kinds are a large part of our work. These may involve traffic, parking or traffic safety investigations, capacity assessments for intersections, traffic safety analyses, inspections etc. During the design phase, we can for example present road infrastructure plans. Whilst carrying out traffic planning during the construction phase, we can recommend traffic management plans in accordance with ‘Arbete på väg’ [APV, Working on the road] regulations. SYSTRA is one of the few consulting firms in Sweden with personnel who are authorised to perform traffic safety inspections.


Mobility is all about enabling freedom of movement and basically concerns how we intend to fashion our future society. For example, by taking the proximity to important destinations into account during our planning, we facilitate more carless travel than if shopping is just localised to peripheral trade areas. The various means of transport we select for this mobility must be easy to use and pay for, and should function seamlessly. SYSTRA can offer advice on where to locate and how to design mobility hubs as well as provide suggestions for appropriate parking solutions.



SYSTRA was commissioned by the City of Solna to prepare construction documentation for a construction contract to rebuild the entire street section along part of Kolonnvägen road in Solna, Sweden and erect a new foot- and bicycle bridge interconnecting Ballonggatan street with an existing footbridge over the railway. A plaza at the north abutment of the new bridge connects the new residences and businesses with existing ones. The redevelopment includes implementation of a new design for the driving lanes, redevelopment of the existing circle into a T-intersection, foot- and bicycle paths, entryways, planted trees with stormwater management and street lighting.

Jakobshyttan – Degerön

Along the Jakobshyttan–Degerön route, the Swedish Transport Administration is building a new 13km-long dual track and replacing existing level crossings with level interchange crossings to improve safety. Part of SYSTRA’s assignment was to present construction documentation for public roads, pedestrian and bike paths and service roads in conjunction with the new tracks.

E45 by Östra Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg

SYSTRA carried out a traffic safety inspection for the tender documents for the E45 motorway at Östra Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg. The inspection took place during the initial planning for the road. For any measures in which road plans are required for roads belonging to the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), the national trunk road network or motorways outside these networks, traffic safety inspections must be carried out on several different occasions over the course of the project.