Our Railway & Public Transport division plays a crucial role in accommodating society’s need for flexible, sustainable travel, both nationally and within Europe via railways designed to connect countries. With over 30 years of experience in Sweden and 20 in Norway and Denmark, SYSTRA can offer turnkey services in railway and public transport both with respect to new construction and existing structural modifications where traffic must be taken into consideration.

We have experts on hand and offer innovative transport solutions when it comes to railways, tramways, high-speed rail and bus systems. We work in all phases, such as preliminary assessments and feasibility studies, programme documentation, road and railway plans, system documentation, tender documents, construction documents and support, construction contracts, administrative documents, operations and maintenance.

On a global basis, SYSTRA is one of the market leaders in railway and public transport. With more than 65 years of experience, our expertise and know-how are continuously expanding. The result is a global knowledge bank with a demonstrated track record of success worldwide.

SYSTRA also has unique expertise in facility operations. Our owners RATP (Régie autonome des transports parisiens) and SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français) are two of the largest transport operators in France. For example, RATP is responsible for all public transport in Paris, accounting for 50,000 passengers per hour and 300 million passengers each year. This has helped us to constantly streamline our processes for building and implementing railway facilities – not just during the construction phase, but also from an operational and maintenance perspective.

Below are examples of the specific techniques we work with.


SYSTRA is familiar with all kinds of railway installations on both ballasted track with a dedicated embankment and on unballasted track. Due to the time and cost involved, it’s extremely important to lay the right track. Our experts are focused on this and have the right mix of skills to see the big picture throughout the construction, operations and maintenance phases – anything to minimise rework and last-minute changes.  


Electrical engineering is a specialist sector which spans a number of technical disciplines with specialised facilities that must be managed. SYSTRA is able to provide the technical expertise and management in this area, including the various technical disciplines. We see, for example, that production in the field requires decision-making at an early stage, such as where to locate catenary lines and which system options and electrical capacity requirements are needed. We have expertise and extensive experience when it comes to the execution and turnkey projects in this area.


In Sweden, SYSTRA has worked with a wide range of signalling systems for over 30 years. We are familiar with all the existing signalling systems, including both relay and data-based substations. We have extensive experience with CBTC, ERTMS and ATC. Our experience includes introducing a concept for self-driving trains in Denmark, analysing how a tramway can best be implemented in a Swedish city, reporting on how to build an underground between Malmö and Copenhagen and designing the longest section of the Ostlänken high-speed railway etc. We are one of the leading companies in the Nordic region when it comes to signalling system design and have completed more than 1,000 signalling projects in Sweden alone since our founding in 1987. Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer customers new solutions and innovations. We have several automated functions in this area that, along with our knowledge of the construction phase, allow us to provide effective solutions to suit your needs.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer customers new and innovative solutions. We have several automated functions in this area that, along with our knowledge of the construction phase, allow us to provide the best solutions to suit your needs.


Our experts in telecommunications have extensive experience both as advisers and project planners, whether it involves long-distance telecommunication systems alongside the railway, in ravines or underground or within the underground rail system. For example, we have experience working with the latest Swedish Transport Administration system upgrades, where we’re now rolling out our OPTO 2.0 projects.


In addition to the sewage system’s own design and solutions, we also regard this as a general system for several technologies. Our sewage experts apply these skills to effectively coordinate other technical domains with sewage requirements, such as signalling, electrical and telecommunications. They also coordinate the interplay of track and railway substructures to ensure effective implementation and the right choice of production methodology.


The railway substructure is clearly the foundation of the entire railway installation. We ensure that it’s optimised and correct based on the entire lifecycle of the railway. In a performance contract, SYSTRA’s extensive experience carrying out projects in both the Nordic region and internationally is vitally important with respect to important requirements. In a turnkey contract, the railway substructure is an important cost driver. It’s also an occasion e.g. where you can build a ‘green track’ on the tramway installation. We have the right expertise to assess and present an itemised list of materials and their amounts prior to construction.


Carry out work or spending time in the vicinity of a railway requires various types of training and protective measures. SYSTRA’s trainers have years of experience in the railway industry.

We offer railway training in which you’re allowed to participate even if you don’t work at SYSTRA:


Contact us to schedule a date for any of the courses or for more information. SYSTRA’s contact page. See “Training in Railway” for the applicable contact person.

referenCE projeCTS

From 2016–2023, SYSTRA contributed its expertise to the East Link project (which is part of the new railway main lines) to connect the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. SYSTRA was responsible for the railway part of the railway plan/system documentation for the OLP3 Nyköping sub-project, a section of 65 km from Sillekrog to Stavsjö.

öresund metron

From 2022–2023, the City of Malmö commissioned SYSTRA for the assessment of a new station for the Öresund Metro in Malmö. The report included an assessment of the feasibility of building a new station based on the conditions of the terrain and location in relation to existing tunnels, underground structures and buildings in the area.

alvesta -älmhult

From 2019–2023, SYSTRA designed construction documentation for the changeover to the new ERTMS signalling system, a common EU traffic control system, on the 70 km-long Alvesta–Älmhult track. The goal of the project was for the customer to receive quality-controlled, actionable construction documentation in order to facilitate the procurement of a contractor for the external installations.