At SYSTRA, we take responsibility for the entire project, from feasibility and conceptual planning through to construction and practical completion. Our construction supervisors and project managers have a wealth of experience in leading projects of all sizes with everything that entails when it comes to complexity. We ensure the quality of our work with the help of established procedures that guide our workflow based on the complexity and scope of the project. Our specialities include construction and civil engineering in the railway and road transport industries and new construction, renovation and build-out in the property industry. Our customers include Swedish municipalities and administrative regions, the Swedish Transport Administration (STA) and private companies in Sweden and abroad.

SYSTRA’s employees are often based in the client office where they act as valuable resources for the customer’s everyday business operations, or in project organisations, where they conduct assessments and design, track, and complete projects for the customer. Our employees are certified in, for example, inspection, Class 1 cast-in-place concrete casting, steel, roadwork, KA [Inspector] and BAS P/U [Construction workplace environment coordinator].  


SYSTRA’s project managers are responsible for the project’s planning, execution and completion as well as meeting established cost, schedule and quality guidelines. The project manager serves as the customer’s representative in relation to the authorities, developers, contractors and other existing stakeholders in the project. SYSTRA is able to offer effective management of all projects, maintaining transparent dialogue through all phases to best achieve the client’s expectations.

SYSTRA’s project managers meet customers’ expectations by being proactive. Our extensive experience carrying out projects for the Swedish Transport Administration and municipal organisations allows us to communicate effectively with project participants and stakeholders and to accumulate know-how that yields the best results for the customer. Our project managers and construction supervisors distinguish themselves by adhering to a clear structure, effective coordination methods and measurable success factors.

The project manager can assume responsibility for an entire project or provide consulting services in the client’s own project management. In addition, SYSTRA can manage specific phases in a project, where typical roles include Programme Manager, Resource Consultant, Project Manager, Subproject Manager and Assistant Project Manager.

SYSTRA also has experience providing customer support when it comes to operations and maintenance and as an adviser for procurement strategies.


At SYSTRA, we provide project management both for joint venture projects and for individual clients. For internal design management projects, the construction supervisor/project manager acts in a support role for our other business units. Design management is a key function when it comes to the initial phase of a construction project as well as after the contract, when administrative data are entered into the system and as-built documentation is handed over.

Along with the project manager, the design manager plays a key role in leading the planning and design work in the right direction so that it ends up resulting in customer satisfaction and delivery of the expected results. SYSTRA’s project managers nurture, respect, and manage innovate ideas to ensure optimal results for the customer. SYSTRA works hard to create the necessary conditions for the project to meet its goals. This, in turn, supports the customer’s own business goals.


SYSTRA’s competent construction supervisors help to address design and feasibility issues during the early phases of a project, either on their own or in direct consultation with the client. The construction supervisor assists with the procurement of contractors or consultants, i.e. with the preparation of tender and construction documents for use in consulting or contractor contracts.

The construction supervisor acts as a valuable resource that coordinates all the various stakeholders of a project, such as contractors, tenants, authorities, developers and project managers/customers. Our experienced construction supervisors are available to be based on both construction sites or on-site in the client office. Close proximity to the work makes it easy to ensure that the contract between the contractor and the developer is followed with respect to the workplace and ecological environments, the schedule, the budget and quality standards.

Thanks to constant contact between the parties at construction meetings, quality control and environmental plans, schedules and budgets are compiled, monitored and reviewed. After the work is finished, SYSTRA’S construction supervisors ensure that an inspection is carried out before handing this responsibility over to operations and maintenance personnel.


SYSTRA’s experienced employees are project and construction experts when it comes to roads, railways and real estate from the early stages of construction to the final delivery. The constant feedback from past experience has built up a knowledge bank that makes us a competitive force in the construction industry. We are well versed in AMA specification and are up to date on construction law. SYSTRA’s construction experts carry out feasibility studies and streamline the construction phase at an early point in the project. Thanks to our experience from past projects and new materials and methods, we lay the foundation for a successful project from design and planning through commissioning. SYSTRA’s construction experts combine theory with practice to create the prerequisites for a successful construction project.


At SYSTRA, we are intently focused on obviating the risk of injury and enhancing the safety of jobs in the field. We have certified trainers for several railway industry courses, such as Bäsavista [Precautions around railway tracks), SOS-ledare [Security and safety management], SOS-planerare [Security and safety planner] and Tillsynsman A-, E- och L-skydd [Safety Officer]. Of course, we also offer employees skills training in areas such as ‘Transportstyrelsens trafikföreskrifter för järnvägar’ [TRI, The Swedish Transport Agency’s traffic regulations for railways] and HTSM [Chief Supervisor training]. SYSTRA undertakes to ensure that all employees and subcontractors stay safe and enjoy a nice workplace environment, both physically and psychologically. At SYSTRA, we work safely or not at all!


SYSTRA’s inspectors are RISE-certified. Inspections are carried out for land, facilities and properties in accordance with ‘Allmänna bestämmelser för byggbranschen’ [AB, General regulations for the construction industry] or ‘Allmänna bestämmelser för totalentreprenader’ [ABT, General regulations for turnkey construction contracts]. In addition to a final inspection, we carry out pre-opening inspections, post-inspections and various types of specialised inspections, such as e.g. status inspections, in accordance with AFF. Inspections are either performed on an ongoing basis or as traditional final inspections of finished construction. Our expertise in the area is maintained by cooperating with industry organisations.

SYSTRA also offers ‘Ibruktagnings-/Säkerhetsbesiktning Bana’ [Railway commissioning/safety inspection] and Ibruktagande-/Inkopplingsledare Bana [Railway commissioning/coordination management].

Several of SYSTRA’s consultants are employed as Inspectors (KA). SYSTRA’s control officers help the customer present and follow up on proposals for inspection plans and ensure that required inspections are performed. SYSTRA’S inspectors document construction site visits, write down any observations that may be of value for the follow-up, and provide advice, in a supportive role, to developers and municipal planning authorities to facilitate decision-making and final approval.


At SYSTRA, we have talented employees with years of experience in estimating. We assume overall responsibility for the cost calculations and for the various types of estimates based on the project’s requirements. SYSTRA offers one or more estimation engineers, depending on the scope of the project, who calculate material, labour and workplace costs. During the production phase, assistance is also offered by, for example, calculating the costs of modifications, additions and cancellations in accordance with Change order rules.

An example of the types of calculations SYSTRA can assist with are ongoing calculations from earlier stages of the project. Moreover, from the early through the late stages of projects of all sizes, we can also help you with applicable calculations such as itemised price lists and socioeconomic assessments (SEBs) for the Swedish Transport Administration, municipalities and contractors.

Based on the purpose of the calculation, SYSTRA will help you set the right level or combination of levels. We can also offer advice during early stages of the project on how to estimate the overall costs at the outset and manage them in the best possible manner. Based on the estimate, we then monitor your finances according to your preferences, either on an ongoing basis or pursuant to a previously adopted budget.


At SYSTRA, we have most of the expertise in-house that may be needed for construction site monitoring. The extensive work includes following up on everything from the construction contract and associated documentation to production phase activities to the final handover to operations and maintenance personnel.


At SYSTRA, we have trained BAS-P/U construction workplace environment coordinators for both the design and construction phases. We have extensive know-how when it comes to workplace environment issues and the applicable regulations in the area and are constantly updated on recent changes in laws, regulations and rules. In addition to working on actual projects, our employees also act as customer support, inspectors or auditors whenever customers require assistance with workplace environment issues. This may for example involve construction site inspections, audits, safety patrols or tender document specifications during the early phases of a project.


Carry out work or spending time in the vicinity of a railway requires various types of training and protective measures. SYSTRA’s trainers have years of experience in the railway industry.

We offer railway training in which you’re allowed to participate even if you don’t work at SYSTRA:


Contact us to schedule a date for any of the courses or for more information. SYSTRA’s contact page. See “Training in Railway” for the applicable contact person.


City of MÖLNDAL/pedagogen Park

As the main preferred vendor, SYSTRA has provided construction and project management services for planned and ongoing construction and civil engineering projects under the framework agreement with the City of Mölndal in Sweden. The project, which was completed in 2022, involved developing the Pedagogen Park neighbourhood and the Växthuset 1 & 2 and Solängen 1:104 properties and others in Mölndal. The purpose of the development was to create a new urban neighbourhood.

ertms programme

In conjunction with the Swedish Transport Administration’s initiatives to implement the ERTMS train traffic control system, SYSTRA has been tasked with assisting project management with issues related to the electrical system, traffic safety and the construction workplace environment during the construction work. This is intended to ensure that the laws and regulations that apply to the STA, such as, for example, those pertaining to monitoring the work of contractors, are complied with.


As the railway segment between Oskarström and Åled, Sweden, track section 733, needs quality improvement measures, replacement of a track and a crossover is planned. SYSTRA has been hired to provide construction site monitoring on an ongoing basis throughout the project in several areas: ‘BPU’ [construction site land use monitoring] (incl. construction, bulk handling and cabling) and additional expertise in, for example, signalling, electrical, surveying, construction, environmental and safety.