SYSTRA’S employees coordinate externally to assess and resolve environmental considerations and derive value from projects as well as to ensure that a project is adapted to the environmental and geotechnical requirements of the location. 

Our employees have the experience and expertise to track the project from the early stages through site monitoring after the construction phase. Projects vary in size and scope from limited railway projects to extensive redevelopment of bus stops or green spaces. We’re accustomed to working both on land and at sea.  

At SYSTRA, we see the big picture and take a long-term view when it comes to projects. We are focused on adding value to our communities and adapting infrastructure to our current environment. We apply environmental monitoring and a holistic perspective, follow current discussions and issues in society to see how these can be applied to our projects. We want to promote, make visible and preserve environmental aspects in order to create sustainable solutions that contribute to better conditions for both people and the environment.


SYSTRA has employees specialised in environmental law issues who work closely with colleagues from other technical areas to identify and ensure that every project meets the legal requirements and has the right terms, conditions and paperwork in place during the project timeline. From the early stages of a project, we start working on environmental planning, planning processes, environmental impact assessment (EIA) for notices, exemptions and approvals, inspection programmes, monitoring and final reporting.  


SYSTRA has years of experience when it comes to water-related issues during the various stages of civil engineering and infrastructure projects. We can provide advice or investigate the need for site-specific solutions to aquatic animal migrations, wetland restoration or more general work, such as urban marine environment plans, action plans for green buildings/safe water or the analysis and modelling of e.g. run-off, among other things. Reports and customised project solutions are coordinated with all aspects of engineering design, including VA and Landscape Architecture. This enables an effective environmental management design strategy that suits the project’s constraints.


SYSTRA has extensive knowledge when it comes to contaminated areas and can perform most types of feasibility studies, surveys and remediation measures. Exactly which investigations, surveys and measures are needed is contingent on the project requirements. In each project, we focus on ensuring that any ground and water contamination is addressed via proper environmental bulk handling and customised remediation measures. We always try to be at the forefront when it comes to waste issues and investigate the options for recycling in order to achieve more circular bulk processing.


SYSTRA’s expertise in geo- and petrotechnology helps to deliver effective solutions to issues concerning land, petrology or groundwater issues. Exactly which investigations and assessments are needed depends on the project requirements, where we focus on implementation and ensure that the final construction is well adapted to the site’s geo- and petrotechnical requirements. The investigation and assessment work is carried out in consultation with, inter alia, design engineers and environmental resources to ensure that we get an overview of the situation and deliver the best, most sustainable solution possible to the customer.


Borgholm EIA

SYSTRA has been tasked with coordinating and presenting an environmental impact assessment for ‘Yttre hamnen’ [the Outer Harbour] in Borgholm, Sweden. As part of the project, a stormwater assessment and an inventory of important flora and fauna, including trees, were carried out. The project was completed in close cooperation with the municipality and affected stakeholders.

Photo: Atrio Arkitekter

haga station

Design and planning of the public spaces in Haga Station is a project for the City of Gothenburg that is being carried out in parallel with the Swedish Transport Administration’s work on the West Link. The project involves coordinating and completing investigations/fieldwork and ensuring that the local area’s bountiful natural and cultural assets are preserved. The design must be adapted to West Link’s environmental precepts and applicable notice, exemption and approval documents must be presented. In addition, stormwater purification must be assessed and facilities for these must be designed whilst any contamination must be identified and mapped and an environmentally friendly bulk handling solution must be presented. The project is being carried out in close collaboration with all our technical areas in civil engineering.

helsingborg, urban marine environments

SYSTRA produced an idea and knowledge base, in the form of a StoryMap, for how urban marine environments can be favored, revitalized and made visible in urban and community planning. The assignment was performed in close collaboration between the technical areas environment, landscape architecture and calculation. The work was carried out on behalf of the city of Helsingborg.

Discover the StoryMap (in Swedish).