Thanks to our focus on BIM, information management and innovative solution design, we can ensure the digital continuity of your projects.

One of SYSTRA’s goals is to offer new innovative services to our customers through use of powerful digital tools and platforms, which have been reshaping the industry over the last decade. Our main task is to provide people and regions with opportunities to improve and facilitate the operation of safe, sustainable mobility solutions. We help by providing digital expertise and skills in virtual design and construction (VDC), project management, coordination and strategy using BIM and information and data coordination.

Our digital solutions simplify information-based decision-making, expand collaboration, and streamline your projects. They are used by our team and can be made available to you to meet some of your requirements.

We work with customers who require a strong local presence as well as maintaining the capability for global delivery. We aim to be a proactive, reliable partner for the ever-changing digital engineering landscape, supporting our customers’ digitalisation initiatives. We ensure the coordination of projects in every phase and step: Strategy & Documentation, VDC/BIM Management, Modelling, Visualisation, Information & Data Management and SYSTRA’s digital solutions and innovations.


We are experts in BIM and information management and can help you develop a vision and a strategy to take your organisation to the next level.

Our team consists of experienced consultants who work hard to develop strategies for implementing BIM and information management for organisations or specific projects. We work together with you to understand your needs and goals in order to craft a tailor-made vision and strategy. We look forward to working with you to take your organisation to the next level in compliance with ISO19650.

These tasks can be performed in line with your programme for digital transformation.


Our team is made up of experienced consultants who work hard to develop BIM Execution and information management plans to ensure that projects meet information requirements. We have extensive experience in working with various types of project, and we know what’s needed to meet project information requirements.

A BIM execution plan (BEP) is designed to describe how a group of information suppliers should implement the customer’s information management requirements, as described in the project’s information delivery specification (IDS).

We offer:

  • Preparation of a BIM execution plan
  • Implementation of use cases (areas of use) for information in BIM models
  • Information management and CDE portal administration
  • BIM and information coordination
  • BIM production and BIM deliverables planning


We can offer a dedicated design manager who is focused on a digital and information model-based approach. The design manager’s primary task is to maintain a complete view of the project and coordinate the design group towards a common, unified goal. The manager works hard to provide assistance and follow-up, share information, and communicate decisions to the design group and is responsible for ensuring that the group develops and works together towards common goals.

A digital, information modelling-based approach facilitates new work methods and processes with new roles that are for instance more integrated compared to traditional processes. Examples of work methods include virtual design and construction (VDC), integrated concurrent engineering (ICE), and integrated project delivery (IPD).


BIM streamlines a project’s information management, streamlining both communication and coordination of processes and models. BIM and the information coordinator act as central resources in the project to ensure proper coordination, quality and deliverables.

We offer services such as:

  • BIM coordination
  • Information and data coordination

Our team is trained in ISO19650.


One of SYSTRA’s goals is to offer new services to our customers based on the digital transformation going on in their businesses. Our main task is to provide people and regions with opportunities to improve and facilitate the operation of safe, sustainable mobility solutions.

SYSTRA’s mission is to utilise all data, to assist in making decisions based on objective data, to optimise decision-making cycles, and to make it possible for companies to concentrate on activities with a high added value.

SYSTRA’s digital product line includes dozens of solutions, and the list is constantly growing as new solutions are added.

Our digital solutions are divided into the following 4 categories:

  • Transport planning
  • Sustainable transport and alternative energy sources
  • Design and construction
  • Operations and maintenance

Here is more information about some of our digital solutions:

Is a multiformat BIM Checker.

Builds the BIM data of the Asset Information Model.

Manages and coordinates design reviews missions.

BIM In One Click
Accelerates and makes reliable BIM linear infrastructure modelling.

Identifies and manages security risks throughout the assets lifecycle.

Monitors the carbon footprint of your project.

Optimising the infrastructure, fleet and operations of electric vehicle networks.

Modelling transport demand.

Organise and decarbonise your public transit network.