At SYSTRA, we have many years of experience and a burning passion for designing and building long-lasting, sustainable civil engineering structures that meet current requirements for performance, sustainability and aesthetics. 

We are a dedicated team of design engineers and project managers who work together to ensure that our customers’ needs and preferences are met cost effectively. We use the latest techniques and methods to ensure that our projects are of high quality and fulfil all relevant standards and regulations.

We are proud of our ability to offer a turnkey service offering – from the initial conceptual design to the project planning, including site management and technical support during the construction phase. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and ensure that projects meet their specific requirements.  

Let us help you turn your envisioned bridge or tunnel project into reality. Contact us today so we can show you what we can do to help you accomplish your objectives.


SYSTRA has experienced, competent personnel who routinely work with bridge construction for municipal, governmental and private customers. Our engineers work on all stages of the project from the preliminary feasibility studies to the working documents, load-bearing calculations and maintenance. By adopting a holistic approach to bridge construction, they ensure that the project planning, construction and management are optimised in each particular phase.


In tunnel construction, SYSTRA has experienced, competent personnel and can provide numerous references from successful projects in the Nordic region as well as around the world. Our vast experience and know-how makes us a reliable partner for any type of tunnel project.


Along with our partners, we have experience when it comes to quay and marina structure project design.


We design and build retaining walls, sheet piling and other types of temporary and permanent support structures. Our goal is always to help our customers complete their projects with a focus on safety and quality.

referenCE ProjeCtS

E18 Köping-Västjädra

The project involves expansion of the last 25 km between Stockholm and Örebro, Sweden, which does not yet comply with motorway standards. In collaboration with Entry Group, ELU Konsult and Ramböll, SYSTRA has designed and presented documentation for a turnkey contract involving approximately 25 bridges to be built as part of the project. The project accounting and construction are based on the BIM model. 

Malmbergsbron Bridge

This railway bridge is located on track section 114 of the Gällivare-Koskullskulle track – Route 21 on the Malmbanan line. The bridge, which goes over Sommarvägen, connecting the industrial area on both sides of the railway, is often called “Kulleporten” in popular speech. The bridge has been completely replaced with a new truss bridge, where SYSTRA was responsible for design, construction and site supervision up to the date of commissioning. The project also includes the design and assessment of the new bridge’s adaptation to the natural environment and surrounding area, solving water usage issues and modifying a section of the roadway.

Arkitektbron Bridge

This bridge was a part of the City of Gothenburg’s plans to design a public area at the Haga Station. SYSTRA, which was tasked with presenting a memorandum of understanding assessing the requirements for the design, project planning and construction of the bridge, submitted a design programme with illustrations and visualisations detailing the bridge’s architecture and context. Subsequently, we put together tender documents for completion of the project. The bridge, which will be built on a pile foundation with concrete abutments, will feature double-curved steel arches and a fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) deck.