When it comes to landscape or building architecture, SYSTRA takes into account the aesthetic, functional and technical aspects of the project. SYSTRA’s landscape and building architects have the resources and professional skills to track the project all the way from the initial stages to the construction phase. Our projects encompass a wide range of engineering disciplines, from the design of parks and public spaces to designing transport infrastructure services.

At SYSTRA, we do not limit our focus to the project boundary, we work directly with the client to visualise how the project fits with their overall long-term strategy. On all projects, our goal is always to create added value for humanity, the natural environment and tomorrow’s infrastructure. SYSTRA is at the forefront of effective design practices, integrating both knowledge and experience from around the world to help implement sustainable and efficient design in our projects.  

We always work in teams: whether it’s inside the company with other technical areas, outside the company or in close cooperation with our network of architectural contacts. We collaborate with our international colleagues in France and the UK and are actively working to expand collaboration with SYSTRA around the world. 


SYSTRA has a dedicated team of Landscape Architects based in many of our offices throughout Sweden. We collaborate closely with our colleagues from other technical areas, incorporating effective sustainable design to public spaces, streetscape and urban environments, railway stations, parks, pedestrian access areas, town and city centres, as well as open stormwater management solutions in both urban and natural environments. We strive to ensure that all built and natural environments are accessible for public use, and we try to incorporate ecosystem services in our design where possible.  


We also design and engineer building infrastructure associated with transport environments and public places, such as shelters, technical buildings, piers, stairways, bicycle parks, railway station buildings etc. In this way, we’re able to offer one-stop architectural expertise to our customers.


SYSTRA is one of the few consulting firms with expertise in bridge architecture. We have designed and engineered everything from small footbridges to expansive overpasses over railway tracks. Building a bridge is more than just creating a link between two points and bringing people together – it also serves as an important landmark. Our bridge architects create a synergy between the architecture and the construction based on local site requirements and client preferences. Read more about our projects under ‘Construction works’.


At SYSTRA, we have the capability and experience necessary to complete both small scale site development projects, as well as large-scale civil infrastructure works. We’ve designed roads and railways for the Swedish Transport Administration and have helped municipalities by providing preliminary drawings and master and zoning plan documents.


Lighting is an important part of our projects. Our architects coordinate closely with SYSTRA’s lighting engineers and external sub-consultants to achieve a visually aesthetic and efficient design. The lighting must compliment and accentuate the architectural environment whilst making the building safe and accessible.

referenCE projeCTS

Alvesta triangelspår railway

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the railway, especially for freight transport, a new triangular line and an adjoining track will be built in southern Alvesta, Sweden. In conjunction with this, an existing central level crossing will be replaced with a level interchange crossing. On behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration, SYSTRA is presenting a railway plan with complete system documentation. Among other things, this includes a child impact assessment, a design programme and an integrated landscape character assessment.

SLUSSHOLMEN, södertälje

On behalf of Södertälje Municipality, SYSTRA has presented a design programme for Södertälje’s new city park in Slussholmen. The goal is for this to be a city park for everyone, a green extension of the inner city and a place where Södertälje’s location – nestled between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea, along the waterfront and between the hills – is clear and visible. Enhanced biological diversity, climate change adaptation and linkage with the city’s traffic network has been prioritised. The park’s design is based on three focal areas: the cultural environment, the water and play.

LISEBERG, Gothenburg

On behalf of the City of Gothenburg, SYSTRA has designed streets and squares around the new Liseberg and Volvo buildings. A natural park trail that runs along the Mölndalsån River, serving as an ecologically functional border zone in the urban environment, provides the basis for rich biological diversity. Stormwater is retained in open ditches and cropland before emptying into the river.