Our activities respond to our clients’ major economic, social, energy and environmental challenges. Through its integrated approach, SYSTRA SOTECNI supports projects throughout their life cycle, whatever their scale.

With a view to responding ever more effectively to the needs of populations and regions, SYSTRA SOTECNI’s teams create links, connect, develop and contribute to the transformation of uses, with an increased awareness of the need to preserve the environment and resources.

Transport studies

SYSTRA SOTECNI has carried out a large number of transport and traffic studies as part of feasibility and/or preliminary design projects for transport infrastructure at international, national and urban level. This last segment has been particularly successful in the last 5 years.

In the past, the subsidiary was the coordinating consultant for the Italian National Transport Plan (P.G.T.) and provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Transport for the implementation of the plan. SYSTRA SOTECNI has also carried out transport studies in many countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Uruguay, Madagascar and the Middle East.


SYSTRA SOTECNI is one of main players in metro, Light Rail Transit and Bus Rapid Transit markets in Italy. Urban pole team had recently developed the preliminary design of Metro Turin Line 2  and the final and detailed design of Line 1, with work supervision, now successfully in operation.

The subsidiary has also been in charge of Project & Construction Management of Brescia Metro and was recently awarded PCM for Genoa Trolleybus network and Genoa Metro Extensions on which SYSTRA SOTECNI achieved the Design in 2020.

SYSTRA SOTECNI has worked on Palermo and Rome metros and Latina, Messina and Naples Tramways. In 2021, we reached the approval of final design of Bologna Red Line Tramway, one of the largest urban mobility contracts in Italy. We are currently developing preliminary and final design of Florence Tramway Lines 4.1, 4.2 and 2.2.

In 2020, the Group won the first Monorail design contract in Italy on behalf of the Municipality of Genoa.

Outside Italy, SYSTRA SOTECNI developed the complete preliminary project of civil works and installations of the station line and depot of Baghdad Metro (Iraq) and Greatest Cairo Metro (Egypt) Line 3, phase 3.


In the field of rail transport, SYSTRA SOTECNI mainly works in two market segments:

  • In Italy, the work is primarily focused on final and detailed design, works supervision and maintenance design for new railway lines (including high speed) and of the rehabilitation of existing lines ;
  • Abroad, the team carries out complete railway developments, including feasibility studies, operation and economic studies as recently done on the 5th corridor in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Currently SYSTRA SOTECNI is in charge of the Detailed Design of 3 High Speed Railways. Two of them following D&B awards concerning HS/HCR Naples-Bari (Naples-Cancello and Telese-Vitulano sections), and a third for the HSR Verona-Vicenza-Padova (Verona-Vicenza section).

Roads, highways, expressways, toll roads

SYSTRA SOTECNI works on road, highways, expressways and toll roads projects, for which it also carries out feasibility, traffic, design and environmental impact studies and works supervision assignments.

Our assignments are mainly in Italy but our teams also contribute to international projects for instance in Saudi Arabia, Africa, Peru and Iraq.


The mix of SYSTRA SOTECNI teams can accompany projects in the field of airports, urban environment, hydraulic works, dams, and housing. Several references in upgrading some of the main Italian airports such as Fiumicino, Catania and Turin airports confirm the successful support available for final clients and contractors.