01 December 2021
On December 1st 2021 Systra-Sotecni as Leader of the SYSTRA S.A., Architecna Engineering, Go Mobility, VDP and Cooperativa Poleis JV signed the contract  for the Technical and Economical Feasibility Design of two main lots of Rome Tramway network.
  • Lot 4: M2-15 “Anagnina (MA)-Tor Vergata-Torre Angela line” e M2-25 “T Giardinetti-Tor Vergata-Park&Ride A1 sud line”.
  • Lot 5: M2-28 “South Marconi-Appia Antica Park-Subaugusta line”.

These two sections make up a total of 27.2 km out of the 37.3 km recently tendered out by the municipality and together they will account for an estimated demand forecast of 190,000 daily passengers, more than 75% of total of 250,000 expected for all five lots.

Lot 4 includes two major corridors in the eastern area of the city aimed linking the ‘Città delle Torri’ (235.700 ab.), Tor Vergata campus with the University Hospital and the intermodal node of Anagnina. New corridors to be designed rapresent indeed the completion of Termini-Tor Vergata line (Line G) and new line H.

The Line G stretch it is about 3 km long from one end, at University Rectorate and southern hospital entrance, towards the ‘Città della Conoscenza’ (City of knowledge) where new park and ride at Torrenova exit of highway A1 is foreseen. The new corridor will also serve the Bank of Italy headquarters and the INFN laboratories and Enea Research Centre of Frascati (via shuttle bus). Among design objectives there is also feasibility  analysis of for future further extensions towards Frascati.

Line H is the evolution of Torre Angela – Anagnina LRT conceived initially as an laternative to line A extension. Now it will be integrated with G line in order to create possibility for integrated and branched services on all four lines. The new line is about 10 km long from Viale dell’Archeologia to Anagnina. Design will also comprise a new depot, initially located at MC station of Torre Angela, for about 30 vehicles.

Lot 5 is the southwestern extension of the “Togliatti tramaway”: Ponte Mammolo – Piazza di Cinecittà, which is financed by DM607/2019 as part of the National Recovery Plan.

The project involves the construction of 14.8 km of new tram corridor from Piazza di Cinecittà to Trastevere station through Appia Antica Park, Tor Marancia, Viale del Caravaggio, Basilica di San Paolo (Line B interchage)and Viale Marconi.

Design will be carried out with the full involvement of leading expert archaeologists under the supervision of the Archaeological Department within the Ministry of culture, in order to identify the best solution for tramway insertion in a unique wrold heritage context. Today it is unfortunately served by car 9 times out of 10.

The corridor is designed within an operational scheme (Rome Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) that foresees a 24-km tangential line from Ponte Mammolo to the Basilica San Paolo passing through the Appia Antica Park called “10” with an estimated traffic demand of 150,000 daily passengers.

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