10 September 2019

Qeto is a digital platform designed to help infrastructure managers, mobility organising authorities and transport operators in their decision making.

For more than 60 years, SYSTRA has accompanied infrastructure managers, mobility organising authorities and transport operators to model and simulate the impact of their projects, anticipate the expectations and future behaviour of their clients, and measure the performance of their networks on a daily basis.

In order to best meet these expectations, SYSTRA has created Qeto, a digital decision-making platform dedicated to mobility solutions. What is Qeto’s purpose? Develop and deploy tailor-made applications that enable mobility in a given territory to be planned, designed and managed throughout the lifecycle of a project: from the planning of a transport network, to asset management via engineering and construction.

Thanks to Qeto’s applications, decision makers can structure and visualise their data and performance indicators, create scenarios, test and compare their impacts. The platform enables them to collaborate with all stakeholders on the same scenarios, reduce the decision-making cycle thanks to user-friendly applications, and provide operational teams with the means to make decisions independently.

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