Latin America

Latin America

SYSTRA has been helping to develop transport infrastructures in South America’s large metropolitan areas since the 1960s. Thanks to its recognised expertise, transport authorities across the continent see SYSTRA as a technical gold standard in the development of metro systems.

SYSTRA has a long history with the region’s metro systems. Since the 1960s and 1970s, we have completed more than 40 contracts for the México city metro and more than 20 for the Caracas metro. We have worked on nearly 80% of the Santiago transport network in Chile.

Today, we continue to play an active role in the development of urban transport networks on the continent, notably establishing a CBTC system on line 1 of the Santiago metro and providing technical assistance in the creation of new fully-automatic lines 3 and 6.

We are also involved in upgrading line 1 and rehabilitating line 12 of Mexico city’s metro and are working on line F of the Buenos Aires metro.

In the rail sector, SYSTRA has conducted feasibility studies for high-speed lines in México, Brazil and Argentina. We are also carrying out studies for tramway lines in México, San José and São Paulo.

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