In Africa, our teams are present all across the continent: from Dakar to Addis-Ababa and from Lagos to Johannesburg. We draw up multi-modal solutions tailored to the mobility requirements of emerging African countries: developing accessibility, dealing with urban congestion, extraction of raw materials.

SYSTRA has worked alongside African rail transport players for more than 50 years, during which we have built a relationship of trust with our clients and partners, both public and private. We have especially worked on rehabilitating national railways (in Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Ethiopia and the Ivory Coast), for states, investors and private operators alike. Drawing on our recognised international expertise, we have been able to develop local expertise in African rail networks, encompassing meter-gauge, Cape-gauge and UIC-gauge tracks, designed according to Chinese, North American and European standards.

In addition to the rail sector, SYSTRA also operates in the development of high-capacity urban transport networks: from the drawing up of master plans to the implementation of BRT (bus rapid transit), tramway, metro and suburban train systems. We support African cities struggling to manage their demographic explosion by offering technical and price-efficient solutions along with economic models tailored to the specific needs of the country in which we are operating (Senegal, Nigeria, DRC, Namibia).
SYSTRA also works on roadway projects (in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania), promoting intermodal connections between maritime, road, waterway and rail systems and the logistic platforms of ports and industrial sites (Djibouti and Uganda).

SYSTRA completes all of its projects in close collaboration with its clients and local partners, helping to ensure capacity building and the emergence of a local expertise.

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