Middle East Rail 2017

Middle East Rail 2017

SYSTRA’s teams will be happy to meet you at the booth and present our innovative and effective transport solutions.

Solar Viaducts

An innovative concept of solar viaduct for metro lines has been proposed by SYSTRA. It consists in photovoltaic panels incorporated to a U shape deck metro viaduct. The concept provides generally enough electrical energy in order to supply the metro stations. The optimum orientation of the photovoltaic panels will depend on the direction of the track alignment. The life cycle cost has been evaluated for various locations in the world. The cost of the electrical energy produced is lower than the public cost in many countries. It can be implemented easily, without technological gap.

Asset Management

Today as asset owners, transport agencies or operators, you face up a demand for increased efficiency, higher performance and greater returns on investment. For you it’s essential to optimize investment and create valuable outcomes for all stakeholders and balance between OPEX and CAPEX. How to invest with efficiency to get quick operational results with the optimum cost
Thanks to our 60 years of unique expertise on projects around the globe, our O&M teams help you— make decisions regarding their infrastructure/asset— provide services to design &manage performance on green &brown field projects. — deliver service

Smart station makes the station more efficient

Because the station is a living organism that interacts in real time with its environment, SYSTRA has developed an intelligent system for dynamic management of atmospheres at the station. Sensors placed inside and outside the station and a single coordinating station adapt real-time lighting, sound announcements, ventilation, passenger information. The smooth communication between all these elements facilitates operation and maintenance.

Come and meet our teams on stand J60

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