Asia Pacific Rail 2017

Our teams will be happy to meet you at the booth and present our innovative and sustainable transport solutions.

High Performance viaducts

SYSTRA has decided to use advanced materials like Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) to design new viaducts, in order to enhance projects acceptability and in the process providing:
Aesthetical design:
The webs may have some holes, in order to allow some view from the metro passengers, improve the architectural aspect and allow various esthetical expressions, and finally optimize the UHPC use

Higher performances:
The span between piers is about 45m to 50m (instead of formerly 35m with the same cost target). This longer typical span facilitates the crossing of crossroads. There are fewer piers thanks to the longer length of spans. It allows less interference with the existing utilities, and less works for diversion of utilities.

Smart station makes the station more efficient

Because the station is a living organism that interacts in real time with its environment, SYSTRA has developed an intelligent system for dynamic management of atmospheres at the station. Sensors placed inside and outside the station and a single coordinating station adapt real-time lighting, sound announcements, ventilation, passenger information. The smooth communication between all these elements facilitates operation and maintenance.

S-Rack: how to mitigate noise without sound barriers

To limit the viaduct acoustic impact, SYSTRA has developed an innovative solution to reduce the airborne noise directly aimed at the source of the viaduct. The objective is to develop an acoustic system completely integrated to the viaduct, and to avoid noise barriers which can be 3 to 4 meters high.
The performance is the same than noise barriers: about -10dBA below the top of the barriers. It also protects residents who are above the viaduct from noise which is not possible with noise barriers.

The main advantages of this at-source noise reducer are:
-  Invisibility (to preserve viaduct aesthetics)
-  Modularity (you can adapt the system performance to your needs)
-  Noise attenuation also above top of viaduct and inside the rolling stock, unlike acoustic walls
-  Lower wind resistance of structures

Come and meet our teams in stand J60

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